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  1. Sadly they will complain regardless. People cried bloody murder when AJ was drafted. "Hes trash, did you see him get destroyed in the national championship game?" We think we know so much as fans, so quick to have an opinion. They cant be in charge of anything.
  2. Scott Peoli on 92.9 the game last week said they had a 3rd round grade on brady.
  3. We do have oline. There are 3 guys on it that were drafted in the 1st round. Our scheme was terrible last year if you can even say we had one. There arent any great players early defensively. They will need to trade back if that is the mindset.
  4. Yeah he just came off the edge faster thats why people remember harris.🤣
  5. Insanity. I guess he needs videos saying he the boogie man or a soldier.
  6. I cant believe how caught up people are on his blocking. Cannot get past it. He aint coming here to block. Hurst was so amazing blocking last year. Hooper did such a great job and Tony G.
  7. I get what you are saying. I feel the bigger impact was the offensive playcalling. Im a defensive guy though. Offense covered a lot of holes on defense.
  8. He sets the edge on the run but i think pass rush wise he is a clean up guy. Problem is is we dont have the fire breather to set him up lol.
  9. I agree. I think with scheme our line is not too far off. Just cant be predictable as we were the past 2 years. I can see why people want to get the tackle at 4, but great o linemen can be found later. Look what shanny did with scraps. You have to be a smart play caller.
  10. Just dont understand how saints continue to destroy people with 2 people. Coaching i would assume. Defense was insane this year also
  11. I get it it we do need defense. We got to the super bowl with smoke and mirrors on defense because teams couldnt keep up. I hope we trend in the same direction.
  12. Lets do it. Pitts can be elite. As others have said we struggle in the redzone. With Smith's philosphy he could have an amazing career.
  13. You can say the same for pocket passers as well. Not all of them make it. No qb is a sure thing. But you know this.
  14. Sadly they prob wont keep graham. But AS loves 22 personnel so maybe.
  15. I hope Shanahan moved up to get a qb.
  16. This. He is a freak of nature, if they can get him to buy into blocking seriously the Exosphere is the limit. You have to get him. And hes 20!!!!
  17. On 2nd thought get pitts lol. We have to defeat those linebackers in tampa. Play action and a TE that cannot be covered 1 on 1. Frees up Rid who cant be guarded 1 on 1. Julio wont be here forever.
  18. Im glad im not making the choice. I hope they trade back if they feel the draft is loaded. At the same time this is the beginning of their legacy. They seem like smart guys.
  19. Man who are we going to draft....?
  20. Then they cut the tackles 🤣🤣. I guess Andy felt what he had starting in the super bowl was good enough.
  21. They should have won when KD, harden and russ were in Oklahoma. Kept running into the lakers and spurs. Coaching matters.
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