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  1. Thought we were 4-3 when kerney was here?
  2. Thanks Rico. He gave it his all made plays from time to time and got guys lined up. Prob made more money then he thought he would. Smart guy.
  3. Eeehhh i dont know if i would put them in the same category. Rico at least made plays and helped the guys get in place. Warrilow was lucky to be on the field.
  4. Hes a video gamer. Thats all i got 🤣
  5. This is all dan quinn's fault. Our whoever knew the ship was sinking on the staff that didnt say anything to him. I almost cried when they said shanahan was possible going to SF...... i know i know, its the past... we were so close.
  6. Man im just glad they are saying they want to be physical. I know quinn said it all the time but I believe Smith.
  7. I feel he wasnt paid enough based on his play. We are lucky if he comes back for another cheap deal.
  8. Hes a ball hawk, he may not need the responsiblity of playing single high free safety but he can make plays. If they are cool with letting him walk though so be it. The only thing Poole really did well here was blitz. He goes to New York and played just below star level at times.
  9. I just want someone that is going to beat your @ss i dont want finesse. Weve seen enough of that. I thought it would have been tak but he was always hurt and only used his bull rush. You can find finesse late. Saints and tampa have @ss beaters.
  10. I could not understand why quinn stopped running stunts with the line. They are and were so athletic especially with grady.
  11. I think having their tackles back will help. I think they just out athlete teams. Tampa has an enormous amount of athletes and physicality. Not to mention monsters in the trenches.
  12. Thats what i was thinking. Kept eyes on pat while the line screamed up the field. There backers can cover a lot of ground but i know you know that. They have so much talent....
  13. Was it cover two man or zone? Maybe both? I was a bit out of it.
  14. You have to factor in the two tackles being out not to mention the elite defense the bucs have. There is more to it.
  15. Not worth the roster spot though. Ito and hill can mentor if they are here. That was like keeping shaub around because he was familiar with the system. Didnt help at all.
  16. Yeah he always does well defensively. That bucs defense is the reason they got past the packers.
  17. Walker can do it all you have to get him on the field.
  18. His issue was when he started calling players falcons for life. He has learned from it and has taken a more business approach. I think he broughr dirk back also but its water under the bridge now.
  19. Yeah but yards mean nothing if you dont score touchdowns. You can make numbers and stats say what you want. A nine min difference isnt much, but there is definitely more to it than what you can just look at numbers wise.
  20. We will agree to disagree on this. The one thing that drove me crazy was the 3 and outs on offense. Not to mention a good run gm. How do you have good time of possession but cant run the ball? It was way more than just redzone issues. I feel you and i watched 2 different teams. We didnt start running and controlling the clock consistently until the last quarter of the season .
  21. True, but they were also on the field a lot more than the offense. Had the offense pulled there weight season would have looked a lot different. Morris and brick had them playing.
  22. Goes with management also. The two top 15 players we chose to rush the passer are no longer on the roster and didnt seem to want to play football.
  23. Yep, you definitely need to look and think about more than what you just see on the surface. People choose not to. Thats how you get fired or be like boy i didnt see that coming. Also i hate the saying you are what your record says you are.
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