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  1. Well they said they wanted to get bigger
  2. I dont think this guy would be the reason we wouldnt draft a weapon of a TE at 4.
  3. Something has to give we need money to sign the rookie class
  4. Make sense, you need good cover guys. You can throw enough guys in the box to slow the run.
  5. Who didnt Chris Jones slaughter on our offensive line? With that said that was probably the most balanced gm we had all year. We actually could run the ball.
  6. Scheme will help mcgary, looked like he had cement shoes on at times.
  7. Yep all that dumb@ss cross training. Let your guy excel at what he does. Everyone has a job
  8. Bunch of idiots on the offensive staff past 2 years. I could see he had potential from my couch.
  9. You are over exaggerating. Was he a world beater no? Who was great on our line? Gono is the only one i see take the fight to defensive linemen on our team. Everyone else is retreating on pass plays. He may have to most potential on the line. Last couching staff was alright with throwing trash out there on the field. He is better than carp and brown at this stage and last year. Fix the play calling you will see.
  10. My thoughts exactly. His arm was falling off. The team is super talented he held them back past 2 years.
  11. Guy caught everything thrown to him. Granted it wasnt much. They never should have signed stocker the past 2 years. There is a warrant out for him, he stole money.
  12. Im more worried about the team than him. They are loaded with talent.
  13. I got out at the top yesterday on accident lol. Made a quick 200 bucks. Put it in an eft.
  14. If we have a good system it call all workout. I hope we get to the point to where we can just plug players in and stay in stride. No player should be bigger than the system. That said i say we re sign rid, he is elite.
  15. I am with you on hennessey. Im glad we have a real zone blocking scheme. He will be bullied if we just try to use man and power schemes.
  16. Gono was better than brown and carpenter they never let him see the field. When he did he was decent. Quinn played favorites and vets.
  17. Still dont know how he got that job.
  18. Brother if i can get to the point where my dividends pay my bills i will cry lol. I am determined.
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