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  1. High dividend low volatility. Made $356 so far. At about 10 bucks in dividends monthly lol. I got a long way to go.
  2. Yes the offensive line is terrible. They have budda also, nice youg wr core. The defense aint that far off. If they can get some help on the offensive line they will be a problem.
  3. Hes old. No longer in his prime. He is still good but i dont think elite.
  4. Eh idk. They have so much talent on that team. Will he win there? Doubtful.
  5. I didnt read the books but was a great start, was disappointed it turned into a love story.
  6. She was nude more lol. Thats what it was foe me.
  7. SPHD is a EFT im and in and has monthly dividends. I love seeing the payout every month.
  8. Passive and boring is smart, keep building brother.
  9. I wish i had known about stocks and dividends as a kid. Could have used dividends to pay my bills had i known better. I will be 38 this year guess i still have time. Dont teach you this in school but i will have my son ready he will be 4 this year.
  10. Russ has prob said too much public but he has been the offense for a long time. Obviously the defense is a shell of its former self. He hasn't had a line in forever.
  11. Heard on the radio he wants to operate like mahomes also, wants more freedom. They said when they did that though he threw a lot of picks.
  12. I will be glad when it all starts so we have something concrete 🤣. All this smoke and mirrors, i definitely already know the message.
  13. Rogers should have been in the super bowl this year. Saints team was good enough to go also. I get it though. Seems teams outside of Patriots build around elite qb. I can see why they would it. Why pay them that much and not give them weapons? Nature of the beast.
  14. For sure. Im all about building team. Let the carry the qb not the other way. I wonder if it can be done in this nfl now.
  15. No hate towards your thread thanks for providing the info. What do you take from the info provided? All those qbs have won super bowls With simular or better supporting cast.
  16. He definitely should do well with julio and rid the kid on the field complimented with the lack of a run game.
  17. I need great qbs to stop coming to our division. I do not approve of this.
  18. I liked what i saw from him once he got on the field. He just needs to take care of himself better, got knocked out the gm.
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