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  1. I wouldnt have mattered with quinn. Loved what he did for the team but his success was built around his offensive coordinators, it wasnt because of his coaching.
  2. Yeah some are way to concrete. Its not as fixed as they are making it out to be. Plus its based on tje board also.
  3. Sounds like we got shanahan back as the head coach this time with a little less arrogance.
  4. Agreed, im so over it has to be a qb or offensive linemen in the 1st. Dirk was trash as a coordinator. Smith has more creativity in his left pinky nail than dirk has throughout his body. Play to the talents of your team.
  5. Lol yeah he was invisible yesterday on the field. It was painful to watch brees back there.
  6. No time to waste. Need to be cooking our dinner while they are just getting to breakfast.
  7. Eh thats not the entire picture though. Play calling and the defensive side of the ball factor in also. They found kamara to run behind that line along with murray. They actually have a scheme and a competent coaching staff. We didnt. I would argue matt would have played better for them than brees has the past couple of years. There is more to it.
  8. This is true but these picks were recent so it is trending exponentially in the direction you want already. There are only 5 positions on the offensive line, we drafted 3 first rounds on it. Filled the others 2 with free agent 1st rounders.
  9. Im all for building the trenches. I just feel we invested so much 2 years ago in Linstrom and McGary. The entire offensive line doesn't neet to be from the 1st round.
  10. They would have been better off with winston yesterday. Brees had been done for at least 2 years now.
  11. Old man brees prob should have retired last year.
  12. You have the right to feel the way you feel.
  13. Call it whatever you want. I dont want brady coming to the division with his buddies and winning it all. Saints wont get past packers anyway.
  14. I think the packers beat who ever comes out this gm. Would be surprised if not.
  15. I really hate the saints but cant get over the super bowl plus all the rings brady has. I can never cheer for him. Not to mention the super team the assembled . Come to our division and just bring all your friends? Nah
  16. I mean i can see how people can be on both sides of the fence for this gm.
  17. Man they have looked good all year. They are bullies.
  18. Wish i could find my guy that said saints more lethal with brees rather than hill. Brees is the weak link.
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