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  1. Ahhh man we arent getting him than. We really need to trade back but we dont often have a pick high. I hope TF knows what he is doing.
  2. Where is he projected. I like him especially when they say he has a lot of moves. Theu said davidson rushed with a plan also, hope he puts it together next year.
  3. Haha so true that college injury messed his career up. He still got big bucks but i think colleges should pay them.
  4. It is what is is. Im moving forward, i hope the next staff has long tetm success and we build something where you can plug players in and keeps it moving.
  5. So they had to pay matt what they did, there was no way around it? You always have choices. Not to mention dead money we arw still paying people that arent here.
  6. Hes not coming back lol. The couch that drafted him is gone, its in his best interest to make as much as he can while healthy.
  7. So his hands were tied on ryan? This makes all the but but but matt wont restructure and they dont want matt look foolish. I think TD made it to where we are stuck with matt a couple of years. TD gave out bad deals and the falcons for life from blank didnt help either.
  8. Not in this country.
  9. No mention of Jayden Graham? I really dont like her reporting lol. She told us nothing. I thank you for the post though @Geneaut
  10. Im not given up a 3rd or 4th for him. I value to draft too much to do that to for a backup. Usually if your starter goes down ita over anyway. We have a long way to go before this team can carry a qb.
  11. Sub one falcon for another. They cut clayborn. Hes gonna have a good retirement hes been around forever.
  12. Konz was suppose to be a stud also. I really hated watching him at center.
  13. Yep just saw it. They got real linemen now. Not sure if our castoffs are starting anymore.
  14. Well they said they wanted to get bigger
  15. I dont think this guy would be the reason we wouldnt draft a weapon of a TE at 4.
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