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  1. Heard on the radio he wants to operate like mahomes also, wants more freedom. They said when they did that though he threw a lot of picks.
  2. I will be glad when it all starts so we have something concrete 🤣. All this smoke and mirrors, i definitely already know the message.
  3. Rogers should have been in the super bowl this year. Saints team was good enough to go also. I get it though. Seems teams outside of Patriots build around elite qb. I can see why they would it. Why pay them that much and not give them weapons? Nature of the beast.
  4. For sure. Im all about building team. Let the carry the qb not the other way. I wonder if it can be done in this nfl now.
  5. No hate towards your thread thanks for providing the info. What do you take from the info provided? All those qbs have won super bowls With simular or better supporting cast.
  6. He definitely should do well with julio and rid the kid on the field complimented with the lack of a run game.
  7. I need great qbs to stop coming to our division. I do not approve of this.
  8. I liked what i saw from him once he got on the field. He just needs to take care of himself better, got knocked out the gm.
  9. Oliver seemed to love to hit more to me but i could be wrong. We shall see.
  10. If they feel hes the guy go get em. Build around him play to his strengths and work on his weaknesses.
  11. Im just ready for the draft.... there words mean nothing im waiting to see what action they take.
  12. Haha debo yeah right, unless they use foye to take his place. Have some really good linebackers.
  13. I agree. They may not be great but if fields has all the ability coach smith can probably develop him. Tanahill was left for dead before him. At the same time i think they tried to work woth Mariota but he busted. Dont think he has the arm fields has though. Its really a flip of a coin sadly.
  14. Its a given, you can't please everyone. I will give them two years.
  15. Yeah, its bad when you have the question planned and fumble it. I can see if you struggled answers all the questions but giving two? He was a little better with the 2nd one. Conway or whatever her name is misused a word. I hate her stories and the info she provides.
  16. Yeah a TE is nice to have but not a deal breaker if you dont have one. 😉
  17. True, stats can be subjective as well.
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