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  1. Jones would have been defensive rookie of the Year if not for bosa. We really need vic back healthy to help apply pressure.
  2. I love duke it just seems like hes missing way more tackles, maybe key tackles. Might just see it more due to our games being a lot closer this year. Only second year player on defense looking good to me last year is campbell, to me he struggled the most last year.
  3. Oh ive served for the past 15 years, open your eyes and stop living closed minded over fabric.
  4. You need to do some research, watch a few documentaries.
  5. Man that is so aweful. You do know races other than black receive government assistance right? Just because you get help from the government doesnt put you on the same playing field. Is a black kid dating your sister? You are so angry lol.
  6. Shut it down lol. The human element is missing anyway.
  7. Lol we agree on something there is hope!!
  8. I hope @FalconFanSince1969 watches this.
  9. Are you deleting your account also? I will take your falcons gear if you havent burned it yet.
  10. Dont waste your time man, he has taken a hard stance. Nothing will move him.
  11. Country will never changed because we are ignorant, we pass our same bliefs down to our children instead of exposing them to things. Had a friend at work who told me he was racist growing up, his dad fed it to him. It took him leaving home being poor to not having any food, to his mom bringing him cereal and milk once a week for his only meals. If you never had to struggle you cant see it from another prospective. Experiences change us.
  12. Yeah man, its sad that people feel all that protesting and nothing has changed. Go to a civil rights museum.
  13. Man please progress has been made, just because it didnt walk across your lawn doesnt mean it didnt happen.
  14. So what is happening today is not affected by the past? What are you doing to change it ?Other than spewing "facts that support your argumemt?"
  15. Bro you can also look at history, it will tell you a story and push what you just typed to the side.
  16. Well from what i read there are 160 million more white people in the United States than blacks. So statiscally if you are white you have a much much greater chance of being shot.
  17. You do know all muslims arent black right?
  18. Heard it on the radio, smh.
  19. Tell us how you really feel man.
  20. Tell us how you really feel man.
  21. Man go read a book lol, this is insane.
  22. They really want you tied up in this mess so that you dont see the other events that are happening.
  23. If we are still talking about it its still relevant. Thats what protest do. Hiw do you know people arent taking action? Conversation is action.
  24. Nah people have been showing they are hurt due to those touching the ground with their knee. Its been here you just chose not to see it.
  25. Just reading the facts man, im not worried about it you appear to be.