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  1. I feel ya. He definitely needs to be making an impact next season if not starting towards the end of this one. Looking like he may be the new nickel.
  2. Agreed. Had no expectations for the year. If im being honest i expected the offense to start stronger than it did. I will also say it has improved a lot from week 1.
  3. Well if he is a man of his word the best players will play. The older guys may just have a better grasp.
  4. I agree. Being an experienced vet in the league for years should give you some type of advantage over a rookie. Especially the roles enterchanging so much. They may know how to study better.
  5. You could be right. Maybe they are making a lot of calls im clueless.
  6. I think its learning the system. Prob thinking too much as the other guys were.
  7. Fast and physical baby. Thats it. Thats the post.
  8. Line just has to hold up better is all. Love the approach but it wont matter if ice is on his back or getting hit all the time. Need a real run gm also, but i guess you cant expect it all to come together year one.
  9. Right. He showed that he has technique and strength. He definitely has flashed.
  10. Yeah he is in on plays more. Harder for teams to avoid him he is all over the field.
  11. People do that with corners though because they are ignorant. Many think if a corner gets beat on a comeback they were burnt. Its an overused word.
  12. Tru's name was being mentioned as the best corner that year. He was playing out of this world. Not sure how people forget that.
  13. Yep. In the end they buried themselves. Contracts and bad drafting had them in a chock hold.
  14. Not to mention in the jets gm he knew the hit was coming. Still made the catch and protected himself. Smart kid.
  15. Im not worried he looked confused against our defense in preseason. But any given sunday i guess.
  16. I agree. I use to not concern myself if ridley was going to catch or drop a pass on the past but that has changed. I felt he was automatic but not anymore. I also knew julio would make plays but i never thought he would always hang on to it. I find myself expecting Pitts to catch it especially what he has shown already.
  17. Yeah but debo aint rushing from end. We have more hybrid players where as they have more traditional 43 guys on the line. I believe anyway.
  18. Keep building the team with quality players. Get that system in place and we will be set.
  19. I see what you are saying. They have parsons rushing more cause he was kind of all over the place in coverage also due to injury. I guess the only diff is parsons is rushing from end also. Then again they are 43 defense.
  20. He is looking decent as a pass rusher also. Prob could have helped grady a lot.
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