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  1. If so Grant is really struggling or Harris really upped his gm. Grant was highly touted coming out. I will be surprised.
  2. Worth a top 10 fantasy pick? If they feed him i think in ppr style leagues he will pay dividends.
  3. People laugh but DLED is getting better compared to what others are putting out. Or they are getting worse 🤣 I bet he cant wait for the season to start.
  4. Has to be. Lazy journalism you have to move on they suck.
  5. You already said it but its the system bro. If you have players but no system its hopeless. I believe we will have a system.
  6. Haha for real. Makes me think about people being made about julio coming out of plays. If the scheme was line up and beat your man you had to give it everything. He was already injured. It was effortless in 16 . I cant be mad at the guy.
  7. The scheme killed julios production. He ate in 16. Just want erase dirk from my memory.
  8. He doesnt take kill shots either. Dont have to be a hero just make your plates when you are suppose to.
  9. Thats if they want to keep him. Granted pitts will be on rookie deal for a while they could re sign hurst
  10. Yeah the system in itself should help a lot. Dirk stole money.
  11. If he doesnt believe it no one else will
  12. Be like having schaub here again for nothing. If you have a decent coaching staff you dont need the vet presence.
  13. Its hard when you have all that money and are young. Money can open so many bad doors.
  14. This is true. Times have changed though if you want to learn it is available. I dont use a checkbook anymore 🤣 Sadly sometimes you dont know what you dont know.
  15. So true. They dont want you to learn it. I got in to stocks and investing late, my son is 4 this month i started an account for him a year ago. We should be able to enjoy life without working ourselves to death. A lot of stuff we learn in grade school is meaningless.
  16. I dont think speed will ever be his gm no matter the weight.
  17. Eh we see hooper a lot differently. I respect your opinion.
  18. Tell em bro, it aint just because of matt. Hes plays a part but other things factor in.
  19. I get what you guys are saying but in recent history it wasnt just matt. We couldnt run the ball, julio and rid open it up for everyone else. You are gonna eat here. Hooper went to a running team and father time has caught up sanu. Matt gets the ball there but there are a lot more factors. If you dont see it you are choosing not to. We also couldnt stop anyone past few seasons.
  20. What do you want him to do to show he wants to be a # 1?
  21. All jokes aside his route running is elite. He's also smart by not taking so many kill shots, it will keep him around longer. Funny how playaction worked so well with no run gm.
  22. Thought it was gonna be most negative yards 🤣 BAC backwards after the catch
  23. Yeah man they have time to think about their questions and be ready. I would have 15 to 20 ready just incase someone ask something simular...... i thank dled cause he didnt ask a julio question... like why are they still asking that? Hes not gonn give you anything.
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