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  1. For real. He was a completely different player second half. People only remember the bad you do.
  2. Dang that sucks. He needed help. Too bad no one saw it or acted on it.
  3. Yeah you cant do it in todays nfl. The corners will be fine. They played well towards the end.
  4. He was underrated. There was a huge void of mlb that could hit and plug the run after he left.
  5. That's not good at all.
  6. I'm not sure who I'm more excited to see play him or aj. I'm glad they went defense early. They both should be plug and play, I get they are rookies but I definitely have high expectations for the both of them. They are both skilled.
  7. I'm just waiting to see some moves or some technique. Couldnt watch many games in detail, see any technique last year? He at least looks he is where hes suppose to be which is a plus.
  8. I dont know. I just wouldnt want to take snaps from grady and Davidson on passing downs. I do think Quinn is speaking in circles though or the tweet was pointless as others have pointed out.
  9. I dont think it's the same as takk. Davidson was seen as a leader at Auburn. Hes also coming out as a more polished pass rusher. His scouting report says he has a plan when he rushes. Takk has only really shown bullrush. Dont put them in the same boat.
  10. True. But those that have made it to where he is have worked extremely hard to get there. Cant blame him for being presented opportunities for his dedication to his craft. I would say otherwise if he was born into wealth and just say on his butt.
  11. Just go outside. You dont have to be around people to do that.
  12. At least it's not obnoxious and is relevant. He will probably coach or broadcast one day. Can't blame him for planting a seed. Hes a smart guy.
  13. I get it. I feel this leaves the door open to question the quality of competition is all. By no means do I think either is a finished product but I can see how there would be a bias.
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