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  1. Please only let him play special teams. He was a nightmare for us last season.
  2. I cannot wait to see him on this line. He will help grady and the ends on 3rd down a lot I think.
  3. Cant necessarily say hes overrated with this coaching staff. They mostly plays vets even if a younger player has shown potential. They wait until the end of the season or make changes due to injuries. Thats lazy coaching. Dont get me wrong you did mention him looking decent on the field. I just know we could run and matt didnt have the pocket collapsing when he was in. And now we dont have preseason. Might be good cause they made terrible decisions based off of it.
  4. Please work on the run game a lot. We can pass the ball all day as others have said but our run was trash. The line looked terrible on some of those run plays. Please give Gono an honest chance. Hes a vet now.
  5. Weve had elite peices on the offense for a while skill wise. Its just putting it together and the line holding up.
  6. Nice read. The staff knows what to do with him. I believe in the coaches running the defense.
  7. If Mike Thomas was on the team people would love him. I like barrett, latimore and Jordan and CMC also. Cant forget kamara... that's probably too many.
  8. Man you see that dudes arms? I'm about to go workout. He needs to utilize a stiff arm for real.
  9. Nah I would keep him where he is. We have an abundance of talent at corner, can never have too many. We arent in base that much anyway.
  10. Bro dont think oliver is built to play safety. His length is perfect as a boundary press corner. Dont move him.
  11. IDK man I can remember him making plays when he had his chance. You know this staff is funny with who they decide to play. I dont really trust them.
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