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  1. We seriously need an anchor, or depth at it because we are struggling. We are designed to stop the run we arent doing it. This will help a lot.
  2. Im just glad we didnt give big money for Gabriel. Love the guy but hes part of the supporting cast.
  3. Not to make the super human plays landry made. Looked like julio.
  4. Man the running back had 130 plus rushing yards, you cant win like that.
  5. We really need to clean up the penalties.
  6. Im watching the game now for the first time and i cant believe all the stupid stuff that happened in this gm. Muffed snap on the punt, dumb penalties, defense on the field forever because of the offense. We are still in this guys. Its not pretty bit a lot can be fixed.
  7. Watching the gm now for the first time. Anyone think we are having trouble keeping the backers clean on run defense? I just keep seeing offensive linemen climb to the second level. Jackson and hag were not world beaters (probably pore choice of words) but maybe they kept debo clean a lot better. Hopefully the signing of rubin helps.
  8. Ouch, need him to pull it together. My vision was of quinn being here a long time.
  9. I just want them to win i dont care how the falcons do it. If they cant get hype for this gm nothing else will do it.
  10. Just keep religion out, everyone has the right to believe what they want. Its definitely a different world we are living in now.
  11. Tired of this team getting ran over. Was our run gm that much better last year or did we score so much so fast team abandoned the run? Please figure it out falcons staff.
  12. Jones would have been defensive rookie of the Year if not for bosa. We really need vic back healthy to help apply pressure.
  13. I love duke it just seems like hes missing way more tackles, maybe key tackles. Might just see it more due to our games being a lot closer this year. Only second year player on defense looking good to me last year is campbell, to me he struggled the most last year.
  14. Oh ive served for the past 15 years, open your eyes and stop living closed minded over fabric.