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  1. Dude quietly does his job. Smart dude makes sure everyone is where they are suppose to be. Done his time pay the man.
  2. Its sad. Two steps forward, one back.
  3. I cant see blank doing that. CAN
  4. @g-dawg can we trade tevin coleman straight up for kyle shanahan and khalil mack? I'll hang up and listen.
  5. Do you see dilfer as a better qb than kaep?
  6. Come on bro you know there are trashier qbs in the league than kaep. Sanchez and McCown still have jobs. Kaep led a team to the super bowl. Thats got to hold some weight.
  7. Yeah bro now i understand the science behind it. If you eat too much or too often insulin levels stay up, which keep you hungry, which keeps fat from being burned. I found it easier just not to eat as compared to figuring out what to eat. On my feast days i can eat what i want. I love it Yeah a saw it on YouTube yesterday. Wish i would have known or looked at this stuff years ago. Its in american to not eat all day.
  8. I was surprised bro. I was only hungry for about a couple hours yesterday. I was able to eat what i want today but i didnt eat as crazy as i thought i would. We eat too much as americans.
  9. Lol apparently. No place for me ive started alternate day fasting!!!
  10. Man im holding my breathe on duke. I hope he is ready.
  11. Haha foreal. They wanted to look at Johnny football also.
  12. Think because of oliver being drafted?
  13. So you dont think all those civil rights movements and protest carried weight? Wow, you couldnt have raised in the U.S. or you grew up in a pocket of our country tucked away.
  14. Exactly. Just get rid of it. They wont because the military is paying them.
  15. You are correct a lot have stopped watching because teams wont hire kaep.