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  1. Omly thing i can think of is the pre draft analysis. Consensus was campbell would be a project. I never thought that after he got here. Riley if i recall was basically suppose to be a bigger version of debo. Campbell even said in camp that riley seemed to be progression faster than he and debo did his rookie year. Maybe he's just a lot better in practice brother.
  2. Where the heck is the lineman we drafted from bama, harrlow or something?
  3. Guys Fusco is gonna be the starter. Coleman was running wild in the KC gm. Fusco looked good i dont know what people are seein saying he looked bad. One play went to the left as did the defense, he can't block em they are running away from him. Don't know what some see in Wes.
  4. Anything is possible my friend. Cant have too much experience, i guess unless you are overqualified lol.
  5. Lord help us if debo gets hurt. It will be a dramatic change.
  6. Nah bro bad linebacker play is easy to see. Wiffs on open field tackles at backer is bad. Geeting shook out our shoes is bad. He misses a lot of tackles.
  7. He did the same with warrilow. I dont think coach will say anything negative about his players. I guess if he speaks it it's possible.
  8. Haha yeah thats what preseason is for to work that stuff out. Could be a lot worse. Could be the browns or jets lol
  9. I guess we see ut differently brother, duke looks the same to me. I agree we could use more depth.
  10. I remember screaming for him like a groupie when the team walked out for the 1st training camp practice. One the lowest moments of my life lol. He was suppose to save our run gm.
  11. Foye isn't a middle backer though, unless they put him their. Who said that? Hes played well for a rookie. Better than duke has played since he's been here
  12. Sounds like you were blinded. Coleman wasn't bad he held his own while free was out. Just cause they have different running styles doesnt mean he was bad. I think free had more fumbles last year than coleman did. Not to mention he was killing philly while free was bumbling and stumbling. You brought this up .
  13. That 1st deep route to C Rid to me looks like it should have been a TD . .
  14. Im not worried i know what this team is capable of. I will worry if we are struggling to make playoffs.