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  1. For real dont count on free. Get better players on the freaking line.
  2. Ha!!! I needed that.
  3. Fair enough brother.
  4. Probably that scrub McClain
  5. Thank God put him on the field cant be any worse.
  6. He turned around and ran the other way. He has done that all season you are giving him too much credit.
  7. Seems like we've been bad at it for at least 10 years. crazy.
  8. All that talk during the offseason. "We will throw to our backs more. " line is probably so bad they cant
  9. Please for the love of God br serious about the trenches!!!
  10. Wow that is crazy. Thats why i liked him. You have to be able to run.
  11. Yeah they are horrendous. Glad there is data to prove it.
  12. Its not just free bro, our guards are trash.
  13. Its all good man its not that serious. Some just percieve what they believe is reality.
  14. Im not calling you a liar but quinn and ryan both are way too polical to say thst one back does another thing better than the other.