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  1. Looked decent enough to me compared to what was already out there starting for us.Teco also ran better with him out there
  2. Set the edge for a god aweful run defense? Maybe 3 years ago but his edge setting is overrated.
  3. If our line wasn't trash you wouldn't be saying that. Lets not act like free doesn't lose yards. Quinn said himself there are only 2 guys on that line he trust.
  4. Thank goodness. I saw this one coming last season. Glad he helped the team but he was overhyped.
  5. He is a genius. Cleveland has probably hated itself for a long time due to them letting bill leave.
  6. Hes a great coach and team.... they have been there forever. I would hope with this amount of time together they could win a majority of their gms. You cant under sale that.
  7. Athletic yes but some rise higher than others due to the it factor and being in the right place.
  8. Cant under sale the division. It actually helps them a lot. Yes they need system guys but they aren't using world beaters to win offensively.
  9. They get more chances than anyone else. All they have to do is get in. Not taking away from greatness but its an entire new ball gm in the 2nd season. Built to play with anyone with a system in place for an extremely long time. Longer than anyone else.
  10. It would take time to get his system in place but they dont have much resistance in their division.
  11. Consistency as well. That core has been there in the same system forever. Not to mention the express lane to the playoffs.
  12. They also stopped the run. Didn't know the rams relied on it so much. Patriots completely took them out of their gm. Made them one dimensional plus pressure gm over.
  13. He sure got a lot of hate on here thats for sure