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  1. You are sleeping on coleman bro. Id take him over free in a heartbeat. He has way more game breaking ability. I think we are running into the kroy and warrilow problem again with being victims of the moment. Not to mention free is being more vocal now. Run the ball bro run the ball. Free moves the chains but coleman can bust the game wide open.
  2. Man he just needs to play ball. Hes starting to show this me attitude and not team.
  3. I dont think coleman fumbled all season. You are stuck in the past my friend.
  4. Dont know if i would consider crawford underrated. They went out to get him. Read somewhere it said his best days are ahead of him.
  5. I love this kid man. He proved a lot of scouts wrong with his play on the field. Keep coaching them up Quinn!!!! We have so many dogs on this team, they will give you everything they got and then some. You really have to have players with that mindset.
  6. Schedule was easy last year, will fall back down to earth this year.
  7. Lol i grew up on that bro born in 83.
  8. I was just referring to the wording lit asf. Referring to the asf.
  9. Lol im thinking they will tell him to tone it down juuuuuust a little. Have fun but remember you are a professional.
  10. Man cam is going to be in trouble if he hasnt worked on his game. On paper our defense is scary.
  11. May the best man win. I just want them to be nasty coming off the line. I want opposing defensive linemen to think twice before making a move. Going up against jarrett and poe will help them exponentially.
  12. Dang freeney got 2 mil last year? Thats crazy. I wouldnt mind having him back, bad part is whose spot does he take? Could use his guidance one last season.
  13. Love the growth of the kids with the added pass rush. We heat up the qb more those passing windows will be even tighter. Not to mention Grady and Poe.
  14. Lol too funny bumping that outkast an UGK .
  15. If thats where he needs to improve then hes doing great in my eyes. Havent watched the superbowl a second time but im assuming fatigued played a part in missed tackles. His primary job is to guard wrs. They all can improve on something. Rather have him over danta robinson, chris owens, jimmy williams and a lot of other guys we've drafted in the past that are no longer in the league.