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  1. Stafford? Really?
  2. So "tru". They had all day last year. Lack of pass rush plus rico, debo and neal being gone makes a huge difference.
  3. The pressure up front will give him more opportunities. We haven't had that consistantly for a while. A lot of people wrote him off not realizing our pressure up front was extremely lacking.
  4. What hes done the past couple games though can be replaced. Neal on the other hand I dont think so.
  5. I believe I saw duke in on special teams.
  6. Vikings mostly ran at us. We were barely in nickel.
  7. We really needed those two guard positions upgraded. I'm glad the franchise made moves. Finally stopped playing with the offensive line.
  8. Looks like they won the super bowl lol
  9. They will have to pay davidson or bailey. Those guys are freeing up Jarrett, talk and Beasley.
  10. Definitely have to attack more. Thats something we haven't seen in a while. I'm glad they are taking shots. Methodical is good when it works, will hurt you when it doesnt. I'm a fan of taking shots.
  11. I'm enjoying the win but if you choose not to remember Jefferies and Jackson didnt play you are just being Homers. Imagine if ryan played without ridley and julio. Not the same level but it makes a difference. The game was way closer than it should have been but we won. On to the next.
  12. We escaped that gm. We were fortunate their top 2 Wrs were hurt. It shouldnt have been that close we let them back in. Bosher had me so nervous with those weak punts. A win is a win though.
  13. Had him from behind. All his tackles seem to have no pop behind them.
  14. Had he thrown his body into he would have went down.
  15. That is pretty cool.