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  1. Sheffield was definitely a steal. He could have gone earlier based on his play. Didnt play like q rookie.
  2. Its more of hand washing. Those that are sick need to wear the mask. For those that arent sick it's a waste. They are saying it's not airborne. Better chance of getting it through contact.
  3. Dude was sticky and did well no matter what type of coverage they asked him to play.
  4. Please report your findings good sir.
  5. Man it's kinda what tampa did. The front 7 is nasty.
  6. I agree he played exceptionally well at nickel and boundary. He is not just a nickel corner.
  7. Sheffield played solid as a boundary corner last year as well.
  8. God I hope so.
  9. Im so glad he is finally gone. He needs to give mack, ryan, and matthews some of that money cause the carried him.
  10. I hear you bro, I wouldnt be mad if they got an elite back in the draft. Cant remember when we had one, true workhorse. I guess most recently would be Turner and Anderson. It would dox wonders for this team.
  11. Omg. This division is stacked at qb. We should have one when we had the chance.
  12. Hes a complete DE can rush and stop the rush. I wouldnt be upset
  13. He is a north and south runner. Twice this season when the whole was filled he broke to the outside for about 15 yards. He may not be elite but did damage when his number was called. Had more burst than free.
  14. Yeah no doubt. When he had his chance forever ago he plaid admirably.
  15. They better bring everything they got this year. I trust Morris. We dont get a run gm we are screwed.