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  1. Thats because mack has trash playing around him. He cant save them every play.
  2. Lol ok. I said maybe. Poole tried to knock Rogers' head off if he didnt care he wouldn't have even went for it. Not to mention his brothers coming to his aid. Get at of here with that dramatic ish. You are getting bent out of shape over game, over a season that ended a long time ago.
  3. You dont know that though you just assume. All these guys have competed there entire lives. There has to he some that hate losing. They may just be like me and are no longer emotionally involved this season. Whats being upset going to get you?
  4. You dont have to look like a lunatic or spaz out to show that you are angry. People do it in different ways. Dramatics arent necessary .
  5. I understand but im tired of his crying ***. I stopped listening to the show because of him.
  6. Chill out dude, hes made harder catches than that. Got to complain about something i suppose.
  7. Was still a lazy route. Matt had time also. He didnt have to go there.
  8. To be fair the basketball ball goal is way smaller than a soccer goal..... your analogy doesnt really fit.
  9. Not necessarily true. Neal plays close to the lone of scrimmage most of the time. His best attribute is tackling. Allen alao gets people into proper position. We weren't getting gashed like this last year and it wasn't because of Poe. Our offense being terrible plays a part also.
  10. The redskins are currently 6 and 6. End thread.
  11. I think its more so the middle of our defense being gutted as in debo, neal and allen. This in my opinion is the reason we struggle to stop the run.
  12. Smh, teach your kids to be offensive linemen our punters guys.