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  1. Game plan just looked the same 1st and 2nd half offensively adjustments needed to be mad it clearly didnt look like they were to me.. we were not going to overpower them it had to be within scheme and game planning, adaptions.
  2. Its there job to set the game plan though. The players play within the scheme. They had 2 weeks to see what the saints do.
  3. They play offensive line because they arent athletic enough to play defense.
  4. And people want to complain about the defense lol. Mouth breathers.
  5. Youre crazy, he is a human being he cant run all gm. Especially with no pass rush.
  6. Bro the defense still had us in the gm even with all the opportunities the saints have.
  7. Nah dBrees is a game manager with no arm strength his time is up. It wouldnt matter with the way that pass rush is killing us. Hill can throw the entire field and has a lot of opportunities. Youre not seeing the big picture. Surface level.
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