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  1. All defenses have been reading him like a book. **** THOSE GAME FILMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Its just because falcons fans are true fans but given their history expectations are shaky at best. They don't wanna get their hopes up to be shot down. I personally wish i could be at every home game. But Army first.
  3. So it is possible. I was just about to fold up the flag and go into hiding.
  4. Now that we are 6-4, both Carolina and TB won that should place us in 3rd in the NFCS. With a possible (yet almost impossible) win over carolina next week, what do we need to do to slide into a wildcard/playoff spot? Who do we need to beat and what losses can we afford?
  5. Blitz strategies work well against philly. If they get out ahead early then yes it will be hard to catch up. Running up the middle won't work so lets look to outside routes and short middle passes.
  6. a W is a W but i'd love to add insult to injury.
  7. I don't think mike will ever throw another ball again. But all those months eating prison food will make the nicest person go mad. Give him the brick, turn him loose in the backfield and watch the yards pile up.
  8. Good game yes but it is a hurdle that we need to clear. Badly.
  9. Well maybe just maybe we can take another look at mike. He screwed up yes but think about it. Slide him into a fullback slot and WOW.
  10. I thought redman was serving beer and wearing the Freddy Falcon costume during half time.
  11. I'm praying for at least a win by 10. Just to quiet those idiots up there in Philly.
  12. with the eagles d we need to try more play actions. That might shake them up a little. But who am I. The falcons dropped me from the coaching roster. HAHAHA
  13. The wild bird thing will only work for so long. The eagles have plenty of time to review footage and it might just bite us in the A$$ in the end.
  14. god knows but i dont see a big impact on his yardage next game vs the eagles at PHILLY!!!
  15. Ok we had a close one this week. Thanks Jay. But after our much needed breather we face the Eagles. 3 and 3 at home poses a threat. Their pass defense is not too bad but how will the burner hold up??? Any other obsticles in our way???
  16. I Kinda like the fact that i almost threw up my dinner waiting for the snap.
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