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  1. To all,

    I was a little bitter after our loss to the Cards. My apologies. Now on to better things.

    Our Rookie, Newbie, wet behind the ears, first year, fresh out of college sensation helped us get to the greatest place in the NFL. Granted the Superbowl is the dance of all dances, but how great is it to fight through all the Vick stuff, Our EX coach bailing and all the negativity and land us a seat in the playoffs. Heck if Carolina would have lost we would have been NFC South Champions. But we did all we could.

    So if we could do all this in a few months imagine what this team is going to look like after Matty Ice sheds the rookie title.


  2. yes it was a number of things that lost this game for us, but the fact is that we had a chance to get off of the field on a 3rd and 16 and didn't come through.

    DESPITE the turnovers, and mistakes, we still had a chance to win the game if we would have come up with a stop on that play. That is when you have to step up and get a stop. I'm sorry, but Brooking is incapable of getting the job done anymore.

    Just like the Eagles game when Jennings muffed that punt, all of the mistakes before were forgotten because we had a chance to win the game. I was feeling the same way until that last play happened.

    We had the same chance today and Brooking did just what he has been doing for quite some time now, which is getting beat.

    If Boley would have made that mistake, I do not think ANYBODY on this board would defend him. EVERYBODY, would just throw him to the dogs and want him to be cut.

    We stay loyal to Brooking because of what he has done and not for what he is doing. His time is up.

    Send him to oakland. :lol:

  3. I didn't see Matt Ryan struggling, I saw a offensive line that was not blocking anyone. I saw a stat some time in the 2nd half that showed 3 sacks, 7 hits and 7 hurries. We saw in the Superbowl last year than even Tom Brady can't play well when he doesn't have time to throw.

    Not to mention that Turner barley got 60 yards.

    Oh, why do I bother. I tend to forget that you don't really believe the things you say, you have no other agenda than to make people angry.

    Offensive line slept.. defense was playing like there was a force field around the WRs and we loved opening up big opportunities for the cards on the line. Oh matty ice.. He looked like he was made of it.

  4. noone is saying that we didn't have a great turnaround season. Let me put it this way.......

    Imagine playing football. Having a turnaround season then when you get to the playoffs you play like this is the first time you've ever played in your entire life WITHOUT A DEFENSE!!!!

    oh looks like that already happened.

  5. When in the **** did a 3rd and 26 occur? I rmember a 3rd and 16, but not a 3rd and 26.

    You need to have some perspective kid. It was supposed to take us 3-5 year to rebuild and it took us ONE.

    Put your ****ing Falcons gear on and nut up. Support this team and quit being an azz sucker.

    3RD and 16 or 3rd and 26. whatever. Keith brooking should be given 15 lashings for that play.

  6. Regardless of what the statistics said. If you watched the game tonight it was an embarrasment. Defensively we were totally passive. The safeties weren't even awake. How do you let someone convert a 3 and 26? That was a key play. Come on. You all are telling me that you aren't dissappointed?

  7. Blown season my azz!!! The Falcons exceeded everyone's expectations and they should hang their heads to no one!!!!! Anybody thinks they underperformed meet me out back! Just line up!!!!!

    Expectations are all in the eye of the fan. Who's expectations. Did you honestly watch the game? Interceptions early in the 1st qtr..... that rediculous safety.... I'll meet you outback. Cause aparantly you're a blind man.

  8. OK! We know we know we know. Matt Ryan is a rookie that brought a disastorous team out to the playoffs. I know that. But this "kid" played like a kid straight out of high school. Things looked great for matty ice but what happened. Did this kid lose the nerve?

    KEITH BROOKING!!!!!!!!!!!! you have honestly changed my perspective of you this season. Look at his stats. This guy needs to go to oakland.

    Roddy white. Always a pleasure watching him.

    Finally..... the "Predator". They were on you all night long. Enjoy crying into your pillow.

    I am praying to god that you guys work hard on the off season.

    Bottom line is that I'm just bitter like plenty other fans.

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