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  1. Long haul? Then that means getting rid of matt Ryan since he's old right?
  2. I guess that amazing catch by JJ didn't mean anything in the superbowl because all we had to do after that was run a few times and kick a fg. Opposing teams had to always play a safety over the top yet he still produced when healthy . Not having JJ is ok because we have Ridley? Same argument goes for Not having MR because at #4 we'll have Justin fields or Zach Wilson. The only way to be proven is to get on the field and play. I don't care about stats, those numbers are skewed. The only stats that matter is wins and losses. 4-12
  3. It seems like in here people think it’s ludicrous to let go of MR..which is fine, they can have their reasoning, but HEY..everyone is on the train to trade JJ while we can get something for him. JJ is expendable but MR isn’t. THAT is the vibe I’m getting on this thread but I’m sorry, I would rather have JJ all day long then seeing MR next season. I am telling you folks that every team in our division has figured out how to play against MR. Like Matt Damon said in the movie Rounders... “If you can’t spot the sucker in the first 30 mins, U R THE SUCKER!”
  4. It's ok to part ways, what's wrong with it?? he had a good career here. Let's all make a fresh start
  5. I'm sorry folks, but our chance at a superbowl and our window closed real quick once we lost the 28-3 lead. Yet it seems everyone in here still thinks we can get there again and win it all with an aging Matt Ryan at the helm. 3 straight seasons of not making playoffs but people on here keep sticking up for him. Why is everyone in here living in this fantasy world? Ok..maybe we can make the playoffs a few more times with Matt, but we're not winning a superbowl with Matt... I'm not accepting playoffs and being happy with our season...I know as atlantans we've been molded to accept great seasons and it's ok not to win it all (ex. Braves going to the post season 14 straight seasons and winning only 1 world series)....but picking a qb at #4 would be ludicrous??? Y?!!!!! U guys are way too loyal and are blinded by it...I know because I used to be the same as you every year... until I stopped watching the falcons every Sunday for the first time in 23 years this past season. I'm not going to lie, I felt relieved , i finally enjoyed my Sundays and didn't waste it..it was like a divorce that had to happen for my health and sanity. Starting the season losing the first 6 games was it? Blowing leads like 28-3... Watching Matt Ryan get sacked all the time cause he can't get away from pressure.. watching him get mad all the time...Same crap as last season only we didn't win meaningless games. It's the same script every year yet people are brain washed to thinking this is the year...no more prolonging...Just let it go fellas... it's fine to move on and it's ok, Matt Ryan will be fine... and we will be fine moving on
  6. What people don't understand is I dont think we will have this chance to pick a top 4 player in the draft again (I maybe wrong but hoping not), having MR will guarantee us a 7-9 or 6-10 record every year, its time to move on from him,,,I dont understand all these MR lovers, what has he done the last 3 seasons? His deep throws are pathetic, his arm strength is nonexistent.. he is not that accurate, a lot of times when I see replays, if he throws in stride to the wrs, they have a chance to gain more yards after catch, yet he throws where wrs have to readjust to the ball and once they catch it, they get tackled immediately... Teams, especially in our division, know what to expect from MR and they know how to gameplan against us. They have seen him twice for the past 12 years ? Its so evident that teams know how to game plan against him. Why can't anyone see this? People are so blinded by MR, its time for a wakeup call everyone. Jeezus
  7. I'm sorry but tom bradys little movements inside the pocket are amazing. Same with drew brees...MR just crumbles, . R u guys watching the same football im watching? U guys are serious MR Homers. I was a big MR fan but he doesn't have it anymore. I remember his come back from behind victories (he had the most at one time), all that is in the past...when was the last time he came back to win a game? Did u guys see that game against the chargers where he threw 3 ints in the last 3 drives. And u guys are still protecting this guy who hasn't made playoffs in the last 3 years? Fool me once, shame on me, fool me 3x, shame on u! I'm sorry guys but our window to win a superbowl has been long gone with MR
  8. So what was our record this season? What was our record the season before that? We haven't made playoffs in 3 seasons. He is at his decline, need to get rid of him now
  9. I want to actually spend my time watching the falcons every Sunday. I'm sure many falcons fans this year stopped watching the falcons after their dismal start. Just like the following year before that. If Arthur Smith is smart he will draft a qb at 4. I'm all in for Zach Wilson or Justin fields, im sure one of them will fall to us
  10. Yeah I'm sorry I don't want a guy that falls down when a defender breathes on him...it is time to move on from him...u fools
  11. Can we give them MR? Matthew Stafford has been linked there but MR is a lot better than him in my opinion. Maybe we could get a 2nd rd pick for him
  12. this is the same post I wrote about a year ago, everyone defended him,
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