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  1. you sir, have cut me to the quick...I don't know how I'll go on living...such is the bite and depth of your insult...
  2. I lost it when we drafted Ryan over Dorsey....how dumb is that?...I completely did not understand the construction of a franchise in progress and it was happening right before my eyes...Dmitroff is not infallible...but he has more football smarts in his pinky than just about everyone on this message board...
  3. They're taking Jarvis...never understood all the Manti hype when clearly Jarvis Jones was the most dominant D player in college ball last year.
  4. on pins and needles until Sunday...

  5. I figured as much...I thought Abe broke something for sure the other week....this is crazy good news...
  6. THANK YOU for posting this,GRITZ...we are of the same ilk and I'm honored to claim that.
  7. I'm sure that's what's up...perhaps after this season is over, we'll get the scoop...but I personally have never lived through quite that sort of situation and since most all of us live vicariously in a way through our favorite sports team, I would LOVE to know....what exactly is on their mind....it's well documented that Aaron Rodgers LOVES avenging perceived sleights...what is TONY G thinking right now?....to be a fly on the wall of his brain.
  8. Yep...as in they are suspects in multiple thefts this year...usually resulting in Atlanta scores.
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