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  1. Goldman Sachs funded both campaigns... Perhaps with bailout money. Obamas campaign was effective. His presidency was not.
  2. Both Romney and Obama had billion dollar campaigns. The resources, as you say, were pooled by the same sources.
  3. the majority, as you say, are white people. 66% this is why you are not to be taken seriously. You literally just said the majority of the country should see the GOP, majority white party, as racist. bag my groceries, punk.
  4. You are too partisan to see the irony, yep, only the GOP is fear mongering and racist.
  5. I'm still waiting for big rob to come up from Orlando and "deal with me." Lol. You're still here, ReRun?
  6. Do we have a full disclosure of everyone that donated to all super pacs? YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!
  7. But what you don't know is that Obama super pacs and Romney super pacs have a lot of common donors. That's because you are stupid.
  8. Mitt Romney is not a good guy, all kidding aside. Dude said in an interview, disingenuously, that Ann bought the shirt he was wearing from Costco.
  9. I am mad. But not because of the election. Because of the process. See, I'm a father, taxpayer, and an "American.". Okay, let me entertain you. When you mention super pacs and think it only applies to republicans.... I want to know your response to this: Why did a republican-appointed SCJ approve Obamacare? It's cause there are not parties anymore, nipple-p3nis.
  10. You love strangers getting mad. Do you still pop boners from reruns of Perfect Strangers when Balki and Larry Appleton had disagreements? You know who won the election. you don't know America lost. addendum to that: we lost back in 1993 when the women's coalition of voters stopped hosting the debates. Go on. Gimme a "you mad" or something, you fetus-shoveling queef disco dj. I hate that you are this stupid yet eligible to vote and have an opinion.
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