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  1. For inspiration:
  2. There's another $20.23. I'll donate more next week. Please don't refund people's donations. It isn't fair (especially to the kids).
  3. I added to a headline on cbssportsline, mentioning this thread. Too bad people are taking this as an advertisement to donate, since I mentioned nothing of the sort. Anyway, here's $10 more for the cause since it's going to charity. Link to that thread People are really stupid.
  4. Not to kiss admin behind or anything, but... Coverage on ESPN. Coverage on the News. Known about by players, coaches, and administration of the team. Fans starting to know about it (including fans of other teams not on this board). If this thread doesn't get into the "Thread Hall of Fame" then none should.
  5. will be taking these Huggies and whatever cash ya got.