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  1. Mularky has nothing to do with Matt Ryan changing plays at the line and being captain checkdown like he always is. He's a slightly more talented Trent Edwards.
  2. First and foremost, those reds are so generic it's stupid. We've been trash ever since we went to the red full time. Those black uni's are so slick, why were they removed? Another idiot FO decision.
  3. Were both coordinators on this team when Petrino was head coach for that year. Hue is turning the Raiders into a contender and Zimmer is running one of the best defenses in the league. Why the **** did we let them walk again? Idiot ownership and front office. After years of Knapp and Donatell, we get these two studs, let them walk, then replace them with even more idiots in mularky and van gorder lololololololol
  4. lmfaooooooooooooooooo how big of a ******* idiot are you morons? This team will never win a playoff game, let alone get close to sniffing a super bowl with Captain Checkdown.
  5. No. A major step back. It's like twitter/myspace/facebook plus a horrible template all in one.
  6. I get it in Toronto on NFLN lol. I know if you're in the broadcast region of the game they black it out, hence why I don't get CFL games on NFLN. But since you guys are in GA, it shouldn't be blacked out.
  7. Which is why he's a change of pace back. Norwood will never be a 20 touch a game guy. He's meant for 10 carries MAX. His legs are a reason for it, they look like twigs. He's sort of built in the same mold as McFadden, at least his lower body is, and surprise, surprise, McFadden has also had an injury plagued career so far.
  8. If you mixed the worlds ugliest life form with a bag of bricks and an ESPN analyst you would get this kid.
  9. LouHoltzLisp Love the name, had me laughing for a minute.
  10. What what his? Because this guys in the mid 60's now
  11. Since when is a roll out or a misdirection hand-off a gimmick play?
  12. Damage control. No one likes the **** thing except the creators. Usually after something launches and has a new direction, people resist it at first and then get used to it and deal with it. No one has gotten to used to it or dealt with it because it's a mess.
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