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  1. I’ve always seen it as your first and second pick should start. The third is a coin flip, 4th and beyond are unlikely starters but not impossible. So an averagely successful draft would have 2-3 starters. So if we trade down for even just an extra 2, we increase our chances of getting 3 quality starters on day one with a chance at another in the other rounds.
  2. Leftwich is a B because he started here twice? How the F does that make a candidate a better fit?
  3. See I agree with everything said here, the odds to me say we should draft a defensive person in the first round instead of taking the 3rd or 4th best QB option because it’s new and shiny. Then next year maybe we get the 1st or 2nd best QB.
  4. Its obvious that I dont understand because I stated I dont understand? That would make sense...its why I said it.
  5. I dont understand the sentiment of a defensive improvement, the Chargers scored 20 points on us. We are 30th in passing yards allowed, 28th in total yards allowed, 11th in rushing, and 16th in points allowed. This defense is bad.
  6. Im genuinely curious but when has drafting later and 'grooming' a QB worked out in recent memory?
  7. That's the thing, I think we have some talent. Not a lot of talent but enough that we shouldn't have one of the worst defenses in the league.
  8. When I first pondered this question I wanted to say at least 2 but honestly we dont even need a great defense. We just need an average defense to assist the offense so they dont have to do everything to win a game. I realistically think we could produce that in one offseason but not with this staff.
  9. I think dimi is a master of predraft hype. I think he stays put, the real question is whether he trades back into the first.
  10. Honestly it's getting to the point where I just see a giant lottery and you hope for the best lol
  11. Same, and honestly I want that fire to be back, I want to be a rabid fan again. But it just hasnt come back.
  12. I like em, I hope they reveal a red helmet too
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