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  1. Ok boomer
  2. I like em, I hope they reveal a red helmet too
  3. I think I've seen this in about 7 different threads now. I think we get the point.
  4. Interesting, was their a difference when Lindstrom played in the final few games? I'm just wondering if we can look forward to more improvement with the Oline with him or are we going to need to bring in more help.
  5. I dont want a coach to do a decent job. I want a coach who is going to do an excellent job
  6. I've been lurking these boards a very long time and I can not recall a single instance someone has said something nice about his work.
  7. Yes the helmet in his hand would be the reason.
  8. I'm not sure anyone has said Vic is our only problem, I dont think anyone seriously believes we only have a few problems. I'm not sure how you think the FO is hiding behind Beasley when they are trying to trade him. If hes gone and the team plays the same, which it will obviously, how is that hiding behind him? I dont think I'm understanding you
  9. Our sports teams suffer because of some editors for newspapers? Lol wut
  10. Ticket prices drop drastically before kickoff
  11. Will take my little brother