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  1. they did Leonhard spurned Broncos' bigger-money offer to sign with Jets Associated Press NEW YORK -- Jim Leonhard had his heart set on following Rex Ryan to the New York Jets when a late, eye-popping offer intrigued him. "We were very close to having everything signed, sealed and delivered out to New York, when all of a sudden, the Denver Broncos came out of nowhere and threw out a really big number at me," the Jets' new safety said Wednesday. "So, I took a few hours to consider it, and we ultimately decided that regardless of the money situation, the Jets were the place to be." NFL free agen
  2. I would love all three of those picks mostly delmas i think that he is going to be really good
  3. thank you somebody finally speaks with alitte respect for there families
  4. nobody would make that deal except maybe the redskins because they are idiots. then the bucs would only have 2 picks for the whole draft
  5. they are desperate and have loads of cap room so they might but what do they have that the pats would want
  6. nobody would trade for the number 3 pick unless they were desperate or had an absolute **** load of cap room
  7. that sucks I think we were all wishing that they would be found
  8. lofton will be the next ray lewis so why do we need the old version and what LB position would he play
  9. there is no understanding. some people just want to start ****.
  10. NO I hate Brooks for all the **** that he's done for the bucs And would hate to see him in a falcons uniform
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