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  1. Agree with R&B98 on this one. If Quinn can come in and get some of our under the radar players to step up and make an impact then we will be right back in the playoff picture.
  2. Happy b-day Matty. Bet your birthday wish was winning a Superbowl!!!!! Rise Up!!!
  3. yes...I do....wife is a Raiders fan (yuck)...son is a Browns fan, don't know where I went wrong with him...middle child is a Eagles fan, don't get me started...youngest is a Chargers fan, which I don't mind ( I pull for them on the AFC side...so yes...I feel your pain. OUCH....
  4. Falcons 28 Niners 7 and yes Mark I would love to have one of your pictures to hang up on my wall for good luck!!
  5. I was at the SF game last year too. had a blast, sitting right behind the ATL bench. all the SF fans around us were really a cool bunch of people, definately class act fans. Over all I gave the city, stadium, and fan base an A+.
  6. We must strech the field way more then we do...we won't keep converting 3rd much longer if we alway have 11 defenders within 12 yards of the line of scrimage. The good thing about these drives is that they are long and sustained which keeps the Defense on the field and wears them out....by the fourth quarter the opposing D in ragged and easier to push off the line.
  7. Hey fellow Falcons fans sorry I haven't posted in so long just had alot going on in my life... anyway this weekends game against SF is going to be a hard game. This is a 9ers team desperate for a win, they have talent (though they are not jiving right now). My concern is Gore, that guy is a beast and if we don't take him seriously he will easily put up over a hundred yards on us. Our run game is also going to be important, up the middle may not produce as much as many of us think due to Patrick Willis. If we can get guard or outside we should be fine. 9ers seem to be vulnerable against the pla
  8. I didn't think it was Ryan or Turners fault, yea Ryan showed his age at times but we expected that. My call on what caused us alot of our games can be summed up in one position.......kicking...field goals either cost us a game or cost us the momentum needed to finish the games strong.
  9. Sorry guys but I have to ask....I have been reading alot of these topics and I get the impression that not alot of people think we can get a winning season, Why? Yes, we have to win out to do it but look at who we are playing, The Jets 7-6 with a banged up starting QB also. Then the Bill's 5-8, who have had a rough season also....they are not firing on all cylinders either. The Buc's 1-12, I am sure there are plenty of Buc fans that wish this season would hurry up and get over so they can try again next year....We Falcons fans have had our share of those years...but the point is that there in
  10. My computer won't load the link for some reason....sorry!
  11. I like the idea but we have to accuire some better CBs before we attempt it.... NO MATTER WHAT WE DO TO FIX THE PROBLEM IT WILL STILL BE HERE WITH THE CBS WE HAVE RIGHT NOW!!! At least thats how I see it!
  12. I can't stand listening to any announcer's because all they do is hump Patriots, Brady, Manning (either one), Bree's, Romo, etc's legs and even if the other team scores 56,000 points and plays the best game ever it is because the announcers pet team had a bad day and it is in no way how good the other team plays!! Bullsh**!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Rev....you have got to be one of the best motivational writers on this board.....go Falcons!!!!!
  14. + 1 Noticed that alot this year with Smitty....seems to make weird play calls in obvious situations....the NE Pats game was the same way....4th and 2 with 7 mins left or something and they decide to punt? just weird!!!
  15. Thank you for the positive post. It can get old sitting here reading the doomsday threads.... I am just going to do what I do every week.....win or lose I put it behind me and look at the next game.... Go Falcons!!!
  16. I didn't get the Falcons game so I have no idea what happened to Turner, can someone fill me in? Is he out for awhile....how serious? If he is do we pick up or trade for someone? Larry Johnson is out there....and isn't Joshua Cribbs being shopped by the Browns? just wondering....some body help me get caught up please!!!!!
  17. OK, so the playoffs are a reach now but what about a winning season? To me that is a monkey I want off our teams back. I support our team and everybody on it but I still feel we are sinking into our old selves with losing games we should win......
  18. OK....with this loss how bad (honestly) are we looking for the rest of the season? Can we still make the playoffs, if so what kind of mountain is in front of us that we have to climb? Did we just lose any chance at the playoffs? how hard is it going to be to get a winning season (9-7)? I just got this feeling that this loss was bigger then it looks, I am starting to get that empty feeling in my stomach again....man we need to start winning games!! Someone please fill me in on the above questions because I am being serious...
  19. No...I think Smitty was actually really sick of listening to Meangelo's mouth and wanted to show him who's higher on the food chain....priceless!!!!
  20. This is one of the funniest things I have ever read.....thank you my friend you have made my day!!! Go Smitty....Go Falcons!!!
  21. Creator of this thread should go breath water......
  22. Nice....in Carolina we really need to stop the RUN, Williams has been making Defenses look really stupid!! If we don't keep our heads in this game we may end up in the loss column without even realizing its happening. Go Facons!!
  23. The closer the game gets the more edgy I become. I can feel the energy building....Man am I jazzed....I am leaving work early today just to get home and watch the game!!! Go Falcons!!!
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