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  1. I wouldn't pay much attention, the producers are just chasing viewers.
  2. I never thought I'd do Twitter, and during the last year found myself clicking on hawks writers pages
  3. Bogi is available tonight, whether he'll be effective, I don't know.
  4. ^ Especially being centrally located in the Southeast
  5. Yeah, Zion will have his 3rd head coach this fall.
  6. It looked brutal again, but happy with the outcome
  7. This feels like a Mike Woodson type home playoffs loss
  8. Lots of logo and jersey discussions if you're interested, also the main site has a jersey history for the teams. https://boards.sportslogos.net/forum/69-sports-logos/
  9. Do you visit the Chris Creamer forum?
  10. dang, that was quick. but just some locally inspired hats with images and area codes was making the rounds a bit.
  11. yall gonna get one? Local Market New era hats https://www.jdsports.com/store/browse/productDetail.jsp?styleId=12571723&colorId=NVY
  12. Perk's been supportive for a while from what I've seen.
  13. Relieved, but sure as hates not hi-fiving folks...
  14. I'm ok with it, I think they started around 9-10am on Saturday for the 1st round.
  15. Ankle sprain, Atlanta leads the league. It'd take a miracle to stay above 6th..this is overwhelming.
  16. Of course an Atlanta team on a bad end of history...
  17. About 46 pts in the 3rd.
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