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  1. It's always something.. maybe I should start drinking. Everytime something is going right, another thing gets ish fict up.. Bring on the clippers
  2. 3 wins should get it probably..despite what happens Sunday night...
  3. I agree, coach can't wait for a blowout for him to gain experience.
  4. Capela with 10 or 11 boards and 6 blocks all freaking ready
  5. I hope they dont waste this game especially with Capela beasting.
  6. Too bad trae is out of control with the turnovers..5 now and probably will finish with about 8 or 9.. 15 total...they are embarrassing despite winning vs a depleted team.
  7. I do remember him as Crissy's dad on 3s company.
  8. I guess they'll have pride and effort on .Monday, I don't expect them to win at Portland.
  9. Too bad they don't have more of a bench to empty...these bench guys may have to put in 22 mins or so.
  10. They have certainly lost their way, and more players won't be available..yes some are returning soon, but you probably have to ease them in, so they're "sorta" healthy.
  11. No light at the end of the tunnel...swept on a by the Hornets..and probably won't beat these playoff teams next week.
  12. Trae can't hit the broad side of a barn..... no bogi and the hawks are fuccd going into next week.
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