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  1. Agreed, currently a little behind the 8th spot where most would have them in December.
  2. So good to be on the plus side of this.. Is Knight at small forward?
  3. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, since they won 2 of 3 before Tuesday, I'll leave from there... but I should wait to see if Pierce can win 2 of 3 again.. lol
  4. Not really a difference this time around. Hawks just sleepwalking and looking lazy.
  5. Finally...even for under 48 hours at least, I have some relief.
  6. What a shame they wasted all these home games..
  7. Another shttshow in the fourth.
  8. They are making DeRozan an all NBA tonight.
  9. I hope they have a good showing on national tv( and win)... Trae and Cam have been getting the ball knocked away...I hope they eliminate those.
  10. I usually enjoyed her being available to talk about the Motown days, on certain specials.
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