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  1. All my children actor.
  2. Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery.
  3. As far as the chargers go, it'll look nice dropping the navy.
  4. Saw this on Realgm, looks like the Nets game. Don't know how recent it was..
  5. Give him a 25 game suspension for being a dumb***.
  6. Yeah you'd think Kemba wss still in the teal..
  7. Had their chances to win in regulation..but whatever.
  8. Choke.
  9. Getting torched on 3s.
  10. I just rather them use the previous ram head but in gold..
  11. Coach says let em fly idgaf...lol
  12. Hawks getting whooped early ..what else is new?
  13. Team just does not respond to anything after halftime. More blowout losses.
  14. They got replaced by the college park team.