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  1. If you can bait a hot head like smart, that's an all star move, go DeAndre..lol
  2. I see Boston brought some family to sit behind their bench
  3. I'm no journalism editor geek, but I see someone got rebounds mixed up with assists.. lol
  4. We missed Ms Channing in that death list post.
  5. I think blank is too stubborn for a change with him changing them after he came in, we've had a better win percentage for a while than previous years, so I think he feels he doesn't see a need...
  6. Close game, but you're not missing much with the turnovers still.
  7. So much for all that...
  8. Atlanta just gave up.
  9. Choke
  10. Chicago blew it.
  11. There's always Photoshop, that might be the only way...lol
  12. Kinda tired of commentators saying, " no one wants to play_____".as Young just said about the colts. Is KC or whoever shaking in their boots? Lol
  13. I hope Trae spoke with Gianni's to get on his fitness plan!
  14. Bud was like kiss my ***...
  15. Former trailblazers owner..