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  1. Here's another look inside if you didn't see it on the AJC.. http://www.ajc.com/sports/football/about-000-psls-remain-for-sale-falcons-season-nears/QdMp27ywUsTuswL0MUqhLK/ (link is on Stray dog's topic too, just trying to copy that video)
  2. Thanks for posting....I called myself going to the ga dome open house..and it was just bare... must have been the visitors room...lol
  3. If folks could make it through the rain delays in Atlanta, I guess they can in LA and AZ.. lol.
  4. I take that back, forgot it didn't rain, just thinking about the late start. Oh well see you at lunchtime.
  5. I hope this ain't like the DC delay debacle.
  6. Hope y'all can hang tonight, more power to you, lol
  7. That's gotta be overwhelming driving by that stadium. It feels like you're supposed to drive through it or something.
  8. Collins selected to the Sumner league 1st team.
  9. 6:30 excuse me.
  10. At 1pm they are showing a replay of the week 8 win vs green bay, and 6pm and 12am a season review. It's NFC South day today, pretty much.
  11. I'm late, where's Joe Simpson?
  12. Former chairman at Augusta national Hootie Johnson died.
  13. Yeah Hawks social media finally posted a thank you to Millsap. So I guess they wait for things to go through.
  14. http://m.tmz.com/#article/2017/07/13/2-live-crew-fresh-kid-ice-dead/