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  1. Braves, may I unclench now?
  2. Love watching Camargo and Albies play defense.
  3. Game is too close for comfort.
  4. Really thought we'd come out and curbstomp the Orioles today...nope!
  5. Eh, we pizzed this one away quite a few times today, so we pretty much earned a(if this holds up) a loss tonight. Stupidity all around from our hitters, pitchers and Snit.
  6. Welp, tat's not surprising with Moylan in there. Should have IBB him.Effing stupid. Fire Snit now!
  7. Moylan, smfh.
  8. AHHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. WTF, if he's gonna bunt, Biddle could have done that!
  10. That was the inning to probably do it. Good Lord I'm over this game.
  11. We've had 11 left on base today - feels like Flowers had like 8 of them.
  12. Can't catch a break!
  13. Would love to hear nothing more here than, "There's a swing and a drive...!"
  14. Please mercifully end it this inning.
  15. MVP! MVP!