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  1. Same here, I live close to DC. So, I get to watch them easily when they play the Nats (ok) or Orioles (yuck). The Nats stadium is pretty nice and a few minutes away, so I will probably catch some in person this year with my wife.
  2. Gawd dam, how is that NOT picked off or slapped away by Joyner after hanging up there for what seems like forever?
  3. Whoever has ball last wins this one.
  4. Now that's interesting. Wonder what corner OF for trade is decent, can bat cleanup, and hasn't been mentioned in rumors.
  5. I like THIS website for tracking the free agents. A ton still out there, but not a whole lot of value for the money it seems.
  6. I found the following interesting on MLB Trade Rumors website 2 days ago Link It could be anybody really, but I would be encouraged if we saw some movement from the Braves soon.
  7. Not surprised if true. Could see us get off the distant sidelines if he is willing to do a high AV with short-term opt outs after 3 years or so to not impede the signing of our young stars.
  8. Right off the bat with Philly and the Cubs. Interesting. And Kansas City Chiefs Septemeber 24th and 25th? We know of interleague play, but inter-sports play? Manfred must have really jumped the shark this time. I kid, I kid.
  9. Although I agree that we probably aren't winning the division with this team with the upgrades our rivals have made, I don't think we are near done. We have to have a legit offensive corner OF, and bringing back Markakis isn't acceptable. I'd still like an upgrade in the rotation, bullpen and Catcher, but we have a ways to go in this slow market (like it has been last couple of years). Deals that were getting done before the new year in the past are happening much later into the new year now. So patience, as annoying as it is, will be the key for fans, players, teams and agents alike.
  10. He has to play more in control and cut down on the turnovers. When he does that, he can provide value when excelling on the defensive end.
  11. Wow, what a performance! Cannot overstate the job the guys and Coach did as well tonight. Just amazing. Trae + Collins + Heurter is must see TV!
  12. OOF!
  13. Time for another Philly Special.
  14. Sigh, get it together Eagles!
  15. Great job, Hawks!!! Pretty much all our starters had a great game. Huerter, you the real MVP!
  16. Would love to win this after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against the Raptors...
  17. Huerter is putting in work tonight!
  18. Yep, 17 through 3 quarters...
  19. Good find. Should have been called. Still had 6 other turnovers. Should have been in a ball handler's hands instead of his.
  20. I so wish Bembry was a good basketball player. Ugh...
  21. I'm really beginning to think that we end up with Pollock to fill our COF spot with some pop hole. What kind of realistic deal would you be happy with for the Braves?
  22. That Bembry turnover with about a minute left was the critical error there. Why he was handing the ball so much late in the game isnt very smart. He turns it over a lot. Sigh.
  23. Between his misinformed interviews accompanied by a maddening voice that does him no favors, refuses-to-proofread articles, poor taste in bow ties, and general incompetence as a beat writer and journalist, I can't for the life of me understand how AJC won't fire this guy and get someone else that will--I don't know--display a modicum of journalistic integrity, professionalism, and competency. Truly mind-blowing...