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  1. I never understood this - how can another man tell me what my pain level is, or my pain tolerance? I get being in the lineup as much as possible to render your services if you are healthy, but one reason some of these guys wind up in terrible shape after retiring in all the wear and tear on their bodies that could have been exacerbated by injuries they tried to play through. But eh, that's just me.
  2. The Falcons looked way better for 3 quarters - much better than I thought they would (I thought they would be curbstomped by the Bucs). Then it fell apart quickly after we couldn't capitalize down 28-25 with the ball. I thought that piling on was embarrassing, but I will admit that we fared better than I overall thought we would. Lots of holes on that team. As for the Braves, we'll see what Philly does tonight - would love to gain a game on them with so few games left.
  3. At least one ATL team didn't embarrass themselves today...
  4. Lulz, down to one game lead now. What a waste of energy this team is.
  5. Give Muller the shot, Smyly is toast as a viable starting pitcher.
  6. I wish it didn't. Any other year, I'd give it to Vlad Jr. But you HAVE to give it to Ohtani. He hasn't been as great since the all star break, but what he's done at an elite level both on the mound and at the plate deserves the honor. With Trout out nearly all year, that team would be utter trash without Ohtani.
  7. Two things: First, I busted out laughing at this entire post. Pure comedy gold. Secondly, if Smith's answer wasn't indeed "EVERYTHING," then I don't know what else to say. That said, it was the first game out of 17.
  8. He should be suspended to the maximum allowable penalty. Disgusting!
  9. Zuerlein with his "Hold my nuggets" moment.
  10. Where have I seen this before? Ugh, too soon...too soon.
  11. So, did Brady buy up all the ad commercials time? Dude is in like every other commercial it seems.
  12. I don't see how this is even a question. Smyly should be permanently demoted to the pen - we know what he is. We are still trying to figure out if Touki is part of our future - starter or not. He needs all the starts he can get - especially when his "competition" is Smyly of all people.
  13. Back to Morton, did even the most optimistic of pre-season analysis think Morton would be this good with us this year? He's been really good. I know many sites liked him and didn't expect him to fall off the earth - even despite his age - but he's been a breath of fresh air with all the injuries (Soroka *sigh*, Ynoa *self-inflicted sigh*, Anderson) and return-to-earth performances (re: Fried, Smyly) we've had amongst our regulars this year.
  14. I don't see Ozuna on this team next year. I must admit though, I think the chances of it are greater than 0%, though. Joc and Duvall has mutual options for next year.
  15. Good point, but I did say "to start the season." He likely won't be ready to start the season by what I've read.
  16. Forgot about Ynoa. My bad, he surely has earned his spot.
  17. Mostly not surprised by this due to how well he's pitched for us this year. However, I am a bit surprised by it due to him seriously considering retirement last year (before dipping his arm in the fountain of youth), and the fact that it is for $20 million. No discount here. He's been great for us, but that's a lot. He has been healthy, is very consistent, hasn't lost velocity, and has mostly pitched like an ace all year. I guess it's: Morton/Fried/Anderson/Touki/someone To start the season next year. Glad he's coming back.
  18. Marlin just took the lead over the Philthies 3-2 in the 8th. Albies homer gives back the lead to the Braves 3-2. Mets losing 4-3 in the 6th to the Nats.
  19. Won't win games - regardless of opponent - putting up just 3 runs in a game.
  20. Eh, we weren't winning this 2-1 anyway...
  21. Smyly needs to be demoted - he's consistent in a bad way.
  22. That's one of the best things about Acuna coming back next year - it gets Ozzie, whose OBP and profile do not bode well for leading off - out of the leadoff spot. He doesn't get on base enough to be a leadoff hitter.
  23. Funny thing is - the home plate umpire immediately had it right from the very moment it happened. Everything that came after was the crazy part.
  24. That was bad on so many levels...
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