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  1. This effort is something I'd expect of a no-name team pitted against an Alabama. Not a team playing against the lowly Cardinals... Gawd dam, what is it about Atlanta teams playing against teams named the Cardinals?
  2. This embarrassment HAS to be the game that gets Quinn fired, right? Right?!
  3. 2 things : Couldn't hit when it mattered. Soroka started one game.
  4. ARGH, I live in the DC area, so you can just imagine what it's like listening to the radio on my daily commutes now. GAH!!!!!!!!!!! This playoffs exit hurts bad. I didn't think we'd win a WS or anything this year (not strong enough or consistent enough hitting, questionable pitching, weakish bench), but i surely thought we'd beat the Cards. Sigh... If we can make some additions, drop some dead weight, and get better in-game management, we'll be right back winning 95+ games.
  5. How bout those Rays? Wow, this postseason has been something else.
  6. Ok armchair coaches...I kid, I kid. Wednesday is do-or-die, winner advance, loser go home. Put yourself in Snit's shoes. What personnel changes, philosophy changes, or other tactics would you change or implement to give our good guys the best chance to win Game 5? Go!
  7. Make no bones about it, our vet hitters need to step up if we are going anywhere this postseason. Middle of the lineup has been trash.
  8. Forgot Donaldson : . 133/.278/.200 He's 2 for 15. Ouch.
  9. This I TOTALLY believe. He will continue to be a liability on offense is my guess (hope I'm wrong), so the rest of the order will have to really do some work to offset it. So far, we haven't really done so despite some moments here and there.
  10. FF better step up Game 5...he's been awful! Matter fact, #3-5 haven't done much at all. Your rmove, Snit.
  11. Man, what a letdown. Left bases loaded twice and couldnt cash in. Shame.
  12. Preserves the double play, but anything leaving the infield is probably game over.
  13. Not a good start. Maybe they too will waste a leadoff double.
  14. I can't take a Game 5, guys. We gotta close it out here. We've left a small country on base.
  15. This series man...good fricking grief. Yo, cardiologist, Imma need some more pills, STAT!
  16. Wouldn't be surprised. Don't think our #3 and #5 hitters are going to be giving us much right now. Need everyone else to continue stepping up.
  17. Why are we fighting already? Cmon guys, knock it off...we are winning!
  18. This team is something else. And by something else, I mean really dadgum exciting!
  19. I really like the Braves this year, but they need to start hitting better if they are going to go deep. The starting pitching has been flat-out amazing though!
  20. Trust me, I live here... No one would say that. The redskins are supremely dysfunctional.. Their team may be trash, but at least they lead the league in dysfunction and ownership meddling.
  21. Playing the Falcons this year will cure a lot of ills...
  22. Holy toledo that's bad!
  23. Jay Gruden won't make it to next Sunday, so Quinn won't be first. But although I never would have put money on Quinn getting fired in-season, I could see a less than 50‰ - but - still - significant - chance before season's ends now.
  24. Dan quinn's defense, ladies and gentlemen.
  25. Not watching this team again this year. Got better things to burn 3 hours on.