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  1. Are any of these considered largely untouchable in any of you all's eyes? I know everyone is available for the right price, except for your Acunas and Trouts of the world, but humor me here.
  2. It is what it is, and unless a trade or something else supplants Nick - which if AA is to believed won't happen as he is our "everyday outfielder," it's a mistake to bet on a 35 year old projected for a measly 1 WAR that we should have done more to upgrade. We can agree to disagree.
  3. Since you asked, this commenter (Ivan the Great) from Talking Chop summarizes what i found regarding AA's statement on Markakis, "Anthopoulos says amid Markakis' dip, still saw high exit velocity and believe with rest, can maintain early-season production:"
  4. Bleh, Markakis is another year older on the wrong side of 35. Thinking he will replicate his career year that was bouyed by a ridiculous first half (but sub-replacement second half) is a loser's bet. I've dug deep and read up on the data, and his sabermetric stats ebbed and flowed throughout the season-not just exclusive to the second half. His counting stats certainly took a nosedive in the second half, but digging deeper, it wouldn't really suggest fatigue. I like Markakis the person, just not as our mostly - everyday starting RF. Would have been fine as an everyday bench player.
  5. I don't think anyone wanted us to "blow our load," though. Anyone wanting that is foolish. What many wanted, me included, was for us to finally cash in from our plethora of minor league assets to make clear upgrades across the board that would allow us to stay on top of the division with improved offense, pitching, and bench. We've only done one of those things by swapping Camargo for Donaldson. Since Kakes will be our "everyday RF, " unless they upgrade Catcher with a Realmuto or similarly-gifted Catcher by trade, our offense won't be much, if any, better next year - especially if Donaldson goes down again. AA has already said our offense from the second half and playoffs wasn't going to cut it - and he hasn't done much to clearly upgrade there. Moves are still there to be made sure, but it looks like any next moves will be small or will focus on pitching or small bench roles. Without some other major moves, I'm thinking 2019 season will look a lot like what many expected 2018 to be.
  6. I get that what was left in FA had warts, major question marks about health, or otherwise wouldn't be worth the cost financially for the production. What really irks me is that he couldn't find a trade worthy with all these highly - rated minor league pitchers we have. I get that it takes two to tango, but it's not like our minor league assets are crap - they aren't. And we have lots of them. Burns me up the more I think about it.
  7. This is a huge disappointment. I hated the deal if he was starting, and still hated it, although less, if he was strictly on the bench. But alas, here we are. What a huge, huge disappointment. And now we thrust Inciarte, one of our worst hitters with his low OBP skills , back into the leadoff role to? Sigh. Terrible, just terrible. So that middling offense in the playoffs that AA said needed to get better... Didn't at all with this move. And our rivals have made significant strides to get better. Ugh!
  8. Same here, I live close to DC. So, I get to watch them easily when they play the Nats (ok) or Orioles (yuck). The Nats stadium is pretty nice and a few minutes away, so I will probably catch some in person this year with my wife.
  9. Gawd dam, how is that NOT picked off or slapped away by Joyner after hanging up there for what seems like forever?
  10. Whoever has ball last wins this one.
  11. Now that's interesting. Wonder what corner OF for trade is decent, can bat cleanup, and hasn't been mentioned in rumors.
  12. I like THIS website for tracking the free agents. A ton still out there, but not a whole lot of value for the money it seems.
  13. I found the following interesting on MLB Trade Rumors website 2 days ago Link It could be anybody really, but I would be encouraged if we saw some movement from the Braves soon.