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  1. Currently, you're not wrong. However ,the Falcons, unlike those two teams, have only played one game though.
  2. What a joke these teams are.
  3. Cam throwing worm burners out there!
  4. This is very bad. I don't get the feeling we will be making a game of this one.
  5. We can't let Kirk Family Member beat us today. Good Lord we better rise up.
  6. Nats... We're coming for your soul!
  7. I watched much of the final three innings and couldn't stop shaking my head in disbelief. You had ONE job, Mets.. All that said, it WAS a thrilling game at the end full of twists and turns.
  8. Pathetic. Just pathetic.
  9. Sigh. 2nd and 3rd...still one out. Now 10-8
  10. Don't **** this up, Mets!
  11. Might as well sweep another team while we're at it.
  12. Yall know I live near DC, and that's all these sports radio guys talk about. You hear their frustration about how the Nats are winning like crazy but can't make up any ground. They give lots of kudos to the Braves, but they are just trying to stay positive. If they want the division, they know they will have to clean up during the 7 remaining games with us.
  13. LOL @ HAMILTON of all people coming through.
  14. Ortega says, "Stand back, I got this."