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  1. If the bullpen had held, we would have had a chance, but alas, it is our biggest weakness and will be our undoing in the playoffs unless something changes..
  2. DANG!
  3. Yep, but that hitter crushes LH. Oh well. Can we get electronic balls and strikes calls yet?
  4. Bullpen management at its finest... /casm
  5. And just like that...
  6. Why is Biddle still pitching to the RH?
  7. Dang! Laid off the best pitch he saw in the AB only to strike out on a ball outside the zone.
  8. He sure did. Probably the best pitch he will see.
  10. Well, one thing you can say about the Braves this year - they don't give up. And you better hold on to your buttcheeks in the late innings as they love to make it interesting!
  11. 9-4 Mets over Phillies now!
  12. Gonna have to hope the Mets pull it out because we dont have it tonight.
  13. Great to see Camargo back!
  14. Bet Steven Means gets some playing time now against the Saints. Hopefully Takk won't be hampered long.
  15. This series is yuge. Some of our guys need a real breather, and clinching soon could just be the antidote.