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  1. Re: the Redskins part, I totally disagree. I live up here, and all I hear from fans and the media here is how much they'd LOVE to have Hooper here - especially after the never ending saga that was Jordan Reed. While I'd have no desire to pay him $10-15M, some team will, and as long as it's much closer to $10M, they will be pretty happy with him as long as they don't count on him being a star pass catcher.
  2. As a regular here who admittedly doesn't know you well, I think this is unnecessary. The analytics wave is a sign of the times that won't be going anywhere anytime soon, and people who aren't willing to adapt will assuredly be frustrated and left to be relics of the past. I think mature differences of opinion are what keeps any body of people - be they fans, employees, teammates, etc - engaged in wholesome discussion that doesn't devolve into groupthink. Anyone who can be a mature contributor to discussion is welcome in my book. With that said, if you (or anyone else for that matter) can't do that, and/or can't embrace the merits of the analytics culture, then I truly wish you well elsewhere.
  3. If either of these happen, something has gone most terribly wrong.
  4. Agreed on all points. Jones can be released once Clint and Skal get activated for all I care.
  5. They held their own while missing so many key contributors. Good stuff.
  6. As I've said before, I don't give guards with no jump shot any time of day.
  7. Couldn't have scripted it better.
  8. What happened to Bruno?
  9. Hard to really focus with Kobe's shocking death today... Some really nice gestures for Kobe in tonight's game by both teams.
  10. This is awful news! RIP Black Mamba.
  11. Hope they sue the pants off that driver!
  12. This just got more interesting...
  13. This could get SO much bigger in a hurry if true.
  14. Surprised that Bruno is considered special... But I too wouldn't just give him away. Bembry is useless to me, he can be readily upgraded. We shouldn't hesitate to part ways with him.