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  1. I think that was the play the DB who was covering him fell down early in his route.
  2. It's going to be nigh-impossible for another game to top this until we get deep into the playoffs. Just about anything you can want from a game (offense, defense, special teams) happened - all with wild momentum swings at that!
  3. Don't be that guy. He had a good shot at both of the two I was speaking of, especially the first of the two. How puerile of you ti result to infantile name-calling.
  4. They really, really did.
  5. You CANNOT make that throw...just can't, man.
  6. Again, no dog in the fight, but my heart is racing just as if the Falcons were playing. Is it just me? Geez.
  7. Kelce letting them down on the last two passes to him.
  8. Why the **** are the Rams passing it? GET OFF THE PHONE WITH SHANNY!
  9. Amazing how good things happen on D when your D Line can get home. Maybe one day our Falcons will learn.
  11. 1,022 yards of offense and 105 points. Crazy.
  12. I wish they could play another quarter or two. I don;t have a dog in this fight, but I don't want it to end - it's THAT entertaining!
  13. Scandrick with those Trufant brand mitts. Probably would have sealed the game, too.
  14. In terms of longevity, these two teams are going to be a problem for years. Other powerhouses like Saints and Patriots will soon fade with their aging QBs.
  15. Geez man, Chiefs can't stop, won't stop, don't even know how to stop.