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  1. Perfect. Just perfect in every way!
  2. The Braves could beat anybody, ANYBODY, if their offense from the 6-9th innings would be the norm instead of just confined to those innings. Amazing. Folty, let's win this one tomorrow afternoon so we can clinch in front of our fans!
  3. The Real MVP? Kapler for taking Pivetta out. You Da Real MVP!
  4. Finally we win, wow! These Cardiac Kids sure do love to entertain!
  5. Oh no, not giving up on him, just get someone better in that role. He's still going to be a valuable piece for us.
  6. Yeah, too bad Snit has said he didnt want Vizzy pitching in back to back games right now.
  7. Minter, can you get one more dang out? Please... Let's effing go!
  8. I like Minter, but he's probably too baserunner-happy to put in the highest of high leverage situations for next year.
  9. Cmon Minter...dont blow this.
  10. Ugh...
  11. Minter, we need a shutdown inning here. We know you are good for a courtesy walk/hit, but you cant piss this away dude.
  12. That was a ball on Acuna's called third strike. Booo, ump!
  13. Looks like we have a gem in Sobotka of all people.
  14. Braves went Super Saiyan on those fools that inning!