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  1. Better believe Fresh Prince about to be a nice piece for this already good bullpen we have.
  2. Crazy game - glad they pulled it off! Hopefully Touki shows out tomorrow.
  3. Well, we have two absolute hosses in our starting rotation in Soroka and Fried - nothing but ??? after that. Really hoping Ian Anderson and Wright are the answers!
  4. AJ Minter is in - hold on to your butts, everyone!
  5. Maybe the rest of our bullpen can lock this down now. We need this win.
  6. Why Acuna didnt swing at the 85 mph beach ball right down the middle we will never know.
  7. Swanson is white hot right now!
  8. Hamels going down was a huge blow, because we had nothing but question marks after Soroka and Fried. What a hot mess we find ourselves in.
  9. Alex Jackson - it is time for you to raise your trade value and show out. Would be much appreciated! Top half of the order - time to get going. The back half is doing an awful lot of heavy lifting so far. Braves - time to get back into the win column. Let's effin go!
  10. ALL of this! Either way, he's no longer in our plans. What a fall from 2018.
  11. This was always going to be a possibility if the season started. It's going to be a wild ride with teams likely digging deep into their minors pool this year. As someone said in another thread, if the season goes on, it could come down to "the survival of the least sickest. " What a mess. Prayers up!
  12. Man alive, the Braves are taking out some frustration on these pitchers today. Good grief!
  13. Had the stadium not been in the way, I don't think Riley's homer lands. That ball was ether'd.
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