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  1. Greene is still out there. Make it happen.
  2. I understand - we were never going to get someone with that kind of contract, but AA is going to have to do more if we are going to find ourselves trying to make a deep run with the way some of our competitors have stocked up.
  3. While the Braves are scooping up "no names" and "never wases" to fill out our bench in hopes of competing with the likes of the Dodgers.
  4. AA is gonna have to work some serious magic with the bench because it's dog excrement right now. We need depth and quality.
  5. Is this what you meant? Scroll to Defensive Positions
  6. Actually, you're totally right. I forgot the bench. It is trash right now. I'd like them to bring back Duvall as a start. We need quality players there, not Inciarte et al.
  7. Because despite what many think, AA isn't asleep at the wheel at his job. That said, woulda been hella disappointed in AA if we struck out on him, because the only viable options left would have been via trade. Fortify the bullpen with a piece or two and we are set.
  8. The same year he tried out for the Hawks. 😉
  9. For extra innings, I'd like the runner to automatically be placed on 1st to begin the inning much better than 2nd if they are dead set on a runner starting the inning on base.
  10. Ugh, have not been happy with this offseason. Sigh.
  11. That's crazy! Has that ever happened before? What a dumpster fire.
  12. For certain, these next several weeks will paint a more accurate picture of this team. We'll be playing a lot of good teams in this stretch, so we'll see more of what we're really made of against a more consistent gauntlet of quality opponents.
  13. Rathbun is awesome. Now Nique on the other hand...
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