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  1. The Braves and Hawks are killing it this offseason so far with real focuses on shoring up depth and fixing weaknesses. And the Braves aren't done. Love to get Joc and sign Ozuna and you got a no-doubt top 1 or 2 World Series contending team.
  2. Yep - but needs a lot more facial hair!
  3. He's gonna be one swole preacher. Good luck to him.
  4. We never seemed to get those breaks against the Dodgers, but I'm glad the Rays came up with some magic tonight!
  5. Gotcha. Maybe some of the bad luck evens out for Riley, along with taking a larger step forward in his hitting, because he will be our starting 3B next year.
  6. What is that stat? A percentage? How is it defined? Either way, I'm not surprised. Riley crushed the ball a lot... right at somebody though. It was maddening how often it happened.
  7. More teams need to adopt their hitting approach. You could see the difference between ours and theirs - they had a plan that every hitter (from the stars to the backups) stuck to... and then there was our approach. Inconsistent, lack of patience at times, too free-swinging at times, and lots and lots of Ks.
  8. I had a strong feeling we'd beat the Rays if we had made it past the Dodgers. That's what made the ending to the season - even though we vastly overperformed - even more of a downer. It's not like we were running into a juggernaut team in the Rays.
  9. Sigh. That inning was our best chance. It's Swanson and then trash after him to try to save our season.
  10. Ian isn't fooling any bats so far and has a high pitch count - will need our offense and bullpen to be on point tonight!
  11. WOOOOOOOW, just missed the HR by this much.
  12. Man, this is crazy. I'm not going to have any nails left to bite.
  13. Pache has been displaying an ELITE plate discipline and eye this series.
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