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  1. What if I told you that he's already on the team - Snit just won't use him in that role as it means "demoting" Smith. Answer: Chris Martin.
  2. Smith needs to start pitching in lower leverage situations.
  3. Unless you're trolling - which I'm not trying to be mean - but using RBI as a metric of a hitter's performance is about as useful as a WIN is for a pitcher. Duvall can't control what the hitters in front of him do, and that's why RBI is a poor metric to use for evaluation purposes.
  4. Good work, my man. Nice to read about this from that perspective - it is good to remember this act tears at the fabric of the fundamentals of what it means to be family.
  5. Nice Win! Starting pitching has been fantastic lately! Seems like some guys are breaking out of funks...except for Ozuna. Really need him to get going - especially since he is hitting #3...Have to move him down until he can start getting going. Move him to #5, Riley to #3 or 4, and Albies to whichever you don't give Riley. Ozuna can't keep hitting #3 like this - even though I do expect him to not languish at around a .600 OPS all year. The bullpen is a trainwreck, and will likely be all year, but at least Martin - and hopefully Greene - can provide much-needed consistently good perfo
  6. Move Albies and Ozuna down, and Riley up. Let's hope these guys bring their bats again today.
  7. This team can't get out of its own way.
  8. Sigh...someone remove SnIt from his post - NOW!
  9. LaRussa is a classic example of old guard thinking that is sucking the fun and excitement out of the game.
  10. Am awful lot of business decisions defenders are about to be making against his John Bunyan having ***.
  11. Time to be a hero Ender!
  12. A broken clock is... Blind squirrel... Ah, you get the point.
  13. Ugh. Sigh, more soft groundouts to the infield, yay!
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