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  1. So i guess everyone who picked jenkins was wrong. LOL
  2. Don't let Ms. Ann hear you talking bad about her restaurant
  3. But doesn't it make for more exciting football to do it that way
  4. I met Dan Reeves a couple of times. I didn't know it was him at first until someone told me. he came in to ths restaurant i used to work at and he sat at my table one of the best times i ever had at that job. He is a good tipper too :P
  5. not so much the third down play but on fourth down in real speed i thought we got it but when they showed it again on the replay we didn't get it. Turner got stuffed by two charger LBs i believe but i really did think he was in when i first saw it but the right call was made
  6. WOW 65% said nfc east do they watch games or just listen to the media
  7. he could just sue the alchol company for selling a drink that messes with his head lol
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone to all those traveling stay safe and buckle up
  9. Yeah everything tastes better fried and it just mostly southern americans
  10. I filled up two days ago for $15.72 :P I love my Civic
  11. Yeah last year GM Jerry Reese for the NY Giants had a similar good draft. everyone in the draft helped them along the way to the superbowl last year who knows maybe this year it happen to us too SUPERBOWL OR BUST j/k
  12. My hatred for the saints burns with the white hot intensity of 1000 suns, and the panthers are my cousins favorite team and i can't stand my cousin. So i guess it is the bucs by default.
  13. No I believe it was the 1/16 rule, if you were 1/16th black you were black. They made that rule so that if the slave master had a baby with one of the slaves they would make more slaves. Just a little history lesson.
  14. Do you think santa gives out townhomes for christmas? :P :P
  15. Yeah man i know right my only thing is how they gonna show this to us knowing we got to wait till the middle of january for more. That teasing a tiger with a big ole steak. lol
  16. Yep I was a freahman that year too at Jonesboro and I had no clue that he would be in the NFL doing it like this. Just WOW
  17. That doesn't necessarily mean that he wouldn't be affective at it. He does good when he does get a few opportunities. whether it is a quick handoff or a pass out the backfield.
  18. The best defensive draft to me (just the first four rounds) would be: 1st OLB Curry 2nd DE Everette Brown (hoping he his draft stock will stop rising) 3rd SS Otis Wiley 4th DE Dorrell Scott
  19. I read in a article somewhere that TD might be up for Executive of the Year. I only have one question, how do i vote for him? anyone know
  20. I just found out that Ludacris has a restaraunt in Midtown called Straits and was i was wondering if anyone here had been there before?
  21. I wanna join that club too that man has been beasting out there for these past few weeks.
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