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  1. I'm all in for Arthur Smith HC Brad Holmes GM
  2. Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, Trey Sermon just to name a few.
  3. Very shocking to see Arthur Smith that far down on the list, Daboll is lower than I expected too.
  4. I wouldn't hate it but my wish list of head coaches starts with Arthur Smith
  5. Merry Christmas. I'm all in for Ed Dodds as GM
  6. Rick Smith as GM would be such a Falcons move. Would much rather have Ed Dodds or Terry Fontenot.
  7. I honestly would not put it past AB to make a move like that and it would be nice if we were 1 player away but this team needs draft picks and with our cap situation free agency has very few options for us.
  8. I'm definitely on board with Brian Daboll as HC he has a lot of connections in both NFL and College and Riddick makes the most sense as GM
  9. Etienne, Harris, Isaiah Spiller any one of those 3 would be a nice addition to this roster
  10. give me any combination of Brian Daboll, Joe Brady, Eric Bieniemy as HC and I'm good. John Dorsey as GM is an intriguing name but any GM interview should include Ed Dodds.
  11. Simmons is by far my favorite but Brown would be a nice consolation prize.
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