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  1. Not often we agree, but im with you on that... what about him is anything like vernon davis? nothing in his stats, nothing in his background that i know of...
  2. I second that amigo...Speedy playmakers will (hopefully) get alot of license to create in the new defense and those two are prime candidates
  3. I actually completely agree with that ranking... Turner has gotten progressively more lethargic behind the line of scrimmage each season, and the way his numbers falter each year after week 12 or so is a really, really bad trend for a "workhorse" running back who gets alot of carries and whose performance is relied on to keep defenders in the tackle box/keep blitzing pressure away from the quarterback. Teams who have gotten away from the single dominant RB system in recent years have fared much better overall, and Turner is certainly no Adrian Peterson type superstar who deserves a system buil
  4. Yea Dixon looked good the few times he got on the field as a steeler... seems to me though that its best to have backups who play the same style of game as your starting QB, just to ease the transition should (god forbid) ryan goes down midway through the third quarter and we need someone to step in. Redman's been pretty awful in my opinion, i don't get the love for him around here.
  5. Class action law suits exist for that very purpose - to allow plaintiffs who have been wronged but had no avenue to remediation without significant sunk legal costs (typically because of massive legal work needed during discovery) to get their due. So yes, players are "piling on", because they now have the opportunity to bring a suit that they didn't otherwise have the capacity to bring. As for your assertion that it is merely an "accusation" that they NFL had statistical data...in order to have ever formed a class action lawsuit to begin with, particularly of the type which allows for damages
  6. Umm can't we just appreciate that both are really good in their own way? To have a player like Josh be effective and have the freedom to roam a bit, you need that consistent guy like Horford on the post, and Horford is definitely at his best when he doesn't have to be the go-to inside scoring option/has athletic help on the boards. The last thing I'm gonna say about the hawks, besides that i would really, really, like to see them gel in a hurry and smack boston in the mouth, is that the only way they are ever gonna be championship caliber is if somehow they retain the core (smith, horford, te
  7. My guess is HD on kickoffs, and Quizz on punts. First one calls for more straightline speed and the second for that shiftiness to juke around for 10 yards or so. Really it depends on who is comfortable with it... I always hated the idea of it but some people are good at that singleminded focus on catching the kick then immediately switching to taking off and scanning for lanes
  8. You do, of course, realize, that the class action lawsuit being brought by former NFL players is about the fact that the NFL HAD ACCESS to statistic data indicating the severity of the risk for future mental problems stemming from repeated concussions among NFL players and CHOSE to withhold that information from its players? So, the reason that they didn't "say anything about it while collecting their mammoth checks" (checks, which by the way, end when your playing days are up, and don't NEARLY cover the costs associated with treating chronic encephalopathy for the rest of your life) is tha
  9. ESPN is not sports journalism any more than Fox News is "news". its entertainment, pure and simple. I watch it, you watch it, we all watch it, but we have to remember that distinction. As live sports become increasingly valuable to the big networks (due to the "DVR-proof" nature), we will finally see some legitimate competition for ESPN, which can only be good for us viewers. Having said that...Do you really, sincerely, believe the hawks could win an NBA title? I love my hawks, I think Teague is a star in the making, J Smoov and Al are pieces to a championship caliber squad, but at the end of
  10. Man I miss that big @ss m*therf*cker.... best part about him was seeing the look in running backs' eyes when they saw 360 lbs literally getting airborne to take them down right after the handoff* *three time NFL season leader in tackles for loss TD.....GET US A GRAVY TRAIN ASAP
  11. This....modern equipment, mainly the modern helmet, is the culprit.It allows players to weaponize their heads. Like anyone else who played football at any level, I can tell you that as much as coaches tell you to step up, wrap up, and lift up when you tackle, its often easiest to go in head first when you have a big padded helmet on. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, if the NFL really wanted to make the game safer, then they'd eliminate the helmet. Modern rugby is a similar game, minus pads, and players suffer some pretty gruesome body injuries but rarely end up concussed the way football pla
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see him getting some snaps at FS the next time DeCoud gives us one of his signature whiffed-tackle-for-50 yard-tds. Great thing about having awesome corners/LBs and (hopefully) an improved pass rush, is we can afford to let a young safety get his feet wet without too much responsibility riding on him
  13. Good call...I'll wait till everyone's had a chance to make their picks then go back and edit the original so we have a list
  14. Yep, Falcons draft class only (except for our few resident bucs/taints/iggles fans, they can choose one of their own) and thanks, yea I'll remember to!
  15. Saw this on some other boards, thought we should give it a try, here are the rules: You get to pick ONE rookie from the 2012 Draft Class (or UFA if you wanna be ballsy). You support your rook through thick and thin this coming season, and keep up on his progress. At the end of the season, the thread gets pulled back up. we see who made the best call, and which members backed a bust. I'll start it off with: Charles Mitchell, SS, Mississippi State Dude's gonna be a special teams warrior, earn some snaps at safety, and end up making some clutch plays down the stretch for us
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