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  1. I feel you. My best friend and I ask ourselves this question every week. And inevitably we are always drawn back in...
  2. My husband and I were having issues with PlayStation Vue so last week we went and bought a 60 mile range antenna. No issues, HD quality. Definitely depends on your location though
  3. I have Hyde on two fantasy teams so yeah, probably. If the 49ers are losing then I might be interested in Shanahan's facial expressions lol
  4. Three games, all wins. 1st one was a few years ago against the Bengals. Was an amazing shootout. 2nd and 3rd were against Tampa and Carolina. I'd love to go again, but it's a little out of price range these days.
  5. I'm really torn here. I have a feeling the birds will get up early and by the 3rd quarter Coleman will be getting a lot of touches while we run down the clock. But Howard is the man in Chicago and when garbage time hits he'll at least get one goal line opportunity. So yeah, I'm going with Howard. I have a similar situation with Coleman and Leonard Fournette. I'm leaning towards Coleman, but it's not an easy decision.
  6. I'm sick atm
  7. I haven't had it on all day. I'll start watching it again tonight after we win.
  8. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Atlanta Falcons Take My Power༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  9. That moment was so amazing. I hope he doesn't feel too embarrassed. I just loved seeing the owner of my favorite team celebrating just as much as I was. Maybe more. He cares, and I love him for it.
  10. I generally don't hate teams. It's usually the fans that tick me off. The Vikings fans for instance can be really obnoxious.
  11. Awesome! Congratulations! Welcome to the Brotherhood, Waylon Colt!
  12. Sigh. You made me hope...
  13. LOL yeah, he said Braves. He was excited for me, and the thought was there. Yesterday we found out he has tumors on his spine. Today he had surgery to have them removed and that went well, but there are more that need radiation. This is his fourth bout with cancer, so of course we are worried. He isn't a Falcons fan, but he respects that I am. When he found out I bleed red and black, he made the two birdhouses you see below for me as a surprise. If praying is your thing then add Hubert Hartshorn to your prayers. I'd appreciate any help we can get him. And we need to get this city a super bowl victory so he can learn which team plays which sport.
  14. I was wondering about that. Thing is...which is the surest path to a head coaching position? If one were thinking ahead. Stay here with an mvp QB and an offense he runs incredibly well vs go to SF and hope that Kaepernick or his replacement could pick it up and run it well? It makes more sense (to me) to stay with the Falcons (assuming he was offered the position). Obviously, we don't know what his circumstances are or what his relationship with the coaching staff is. It's all conjecture. I just know I'd rather coach Matt Ryan than Kaepernick.