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  1. Welcome back, Jedi. While I'm unknown to you, you are very well known to me. Glad to see a long time fan back in the fold so to speak. Looking forward to your thoughts on the team.
  2. Dude I've never seen this, so thank you. OMG it's amazing.
  3. Loved watching this vid. Thank you! Calvin seems like a genuine young man and I'm sure that Julio will be the perfect influence to groom him into a great Falcon.
  4. That was my first thought too
  5. I'm mostly reacting to the 45 dropped passes by the Giants. And they had the nerve to bench Eli??
  6. Thanks for this. I don't pay much attention to the college game so always appreciate these posts that educate us a bit.
  7. Okay cool. I think most of us were worried something had happened. If he needed a day, I have no issues with that. Ice will be ready.
  8. I feel you. My best friend and I ask ourselves this question every week. And inevitably we are always drawn back in...
  9. My husband and I were having issues with PlayStation Vue so last week we went and bought a 60 mile range antenna. No issues, HD quality. Definitely depends on your location though
  10. I have Hyde on two fantasy teams so yeah, probably. If the 49ers are losing then I might be interested in Shanahan's facial expressions lol
  11. Three games, all wins. 1st one was a few years ago against the Bengals. Was an amazing shootout. 2nd and 3rd were against Tampa and Carolina. I'd love to go again, but it's a little out of price range these days.
  12. I'm really torn here. I have a feeling the birds will get up early and by the 3rd quarter Coleman will be getting a lot of touches while we run down the clock. But Howard is the man in Chicago and when garbage time hits he'll at least get one goal line opportunity. So yeah, I'm going with Howard. I have a similar situation with Coleman and Leonard Fournette. I'm leaning towards Coleman, but it's not an easy decision.
  13. thanks for the kind words :P -bucman-

  14. Sent my donation in! You have my complete support Coach Smith!