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  1. I don't see a problem with the crying or the emotion in general? He gives a ****. I like it when the player cares about more than the fact that it's his job. I don't see this as making him less manly or anything. Having said that, **** the Saints.
  2. Someone is going to give Beasely a big contract. Please don't let it be us. I've never liked players who perform above average during a contract year. Always feel like they will start easing up now that they have their money.
  3. Matty Ice is my favorite QB of all time. I have his 2012 signed jersey hanging on my way. A team signed ball from 2011. A helmet signed by him from 2008. I can't imagine me ever loving a QB more than I do him. Grats Ice, here's hoping you can play till 40. Let's get you in the HOF.
  4. I'll take the top 5 pick and a new head coach please.
  5. I do think it's time for a change. I've supported him in the past, but this team has flopped hard and sometimes you just need to clean house and start over.
  6. Can't really be upset by this. I've been pretty harsh in my opinion that DQ is not a good coach, but the problems run deeper and I feel like this team has been more focused on being friends with the players than leading them. When Shanahan was here I'd hear that he was a bit of an ***, but look what he accomplished. Obviously he is gone, but we need to get someone in here who can motivate the players to succeed. I'm not sure what it will take to right the ship, but it seems like that Super Bowl window we were chasing for a few years has completely shut.
  7. I absolutely want them to lose. Draft position, sure. But mostly I want Quinn gone. He cannot coach, his defensive scheme is awful, and a few moral victories are only going to delay the inevitable. The sooner we are erased from contention, the sooner we can start the rebuilding process. Bye Quinn.
  8. I'll never stop being bitter over how that turned out. How in the world do you not run the ball? But, I'll also never stop wishing he was still here and our head coach.
  9. DQ is the 2nd worst coach this team has seen in the last 20 years. He's going to get the benefit of the SB appearance, but he wasn't the one who coached us there.
  10. Quinn is a terrible coach and has been in a slow downward spiral of losing the team for the last few seasons. It wasn't immediately obvious because there were excuses. Shanahan left, there's a learning curve for Sark. Oh, the defense is injured. Well, this year we've taken the next step under DQ from average to terrible. It seems jarring, but the signs have been there. Shanahan masked a lot of DQ's flaws in 2016. Now they are so apparent they are glaring. DQ needs to be fired today. TD is likely to go with him. Final thought, based on the OP's observation that the Rams are an averag
  11. I dunno, Matt Ryan got sacked 5 times today. Devonta has like 20 yards rushing. Seems like the old adage about winning in the trenches is true. If this was an issue this week only, then okay, but our oline has been awful more often than not over the last decade. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball...zero sacks on Goff. Matt Ryan isn't the biggest issue though. Obviously, that is the defense who is helping Jared Goff look like an mvp. Same as they did for Kyler Murray. Same as they did for Marcus Mariota. Need I go on?
  12. I would be pissed to no end if the Falcons invested a 1st round pick on a freaking QB when the one we have probably still has 5 good years left in him. Defense is our #1 need. Patrick Mahomes couldn't help this team win right now. We made Kyler Murray look all world. He wasn't sacked once and Arizona had zero turnovers. MR2 can get the job done. We need a defense that can get stops. Every team in the league has figured out how to stop DQ's defense. Him calling plays is a disaster. Rather than going on talent, he has been drafting defensive players because they have the same body type as the gr
  13. We wouldn't have a shot at Tua. He is going to Miami.
  14. I don't see this happening. Miami is tanking for Tua. They haven't had a legit franchise QB since Marino.
  15. Rodgers has taken a step back the last few years. Maybe it's injuries, maybe it's the supporting cast, but he doesn't look invincible anymore.
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