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  1. I really hope not. I find the doom and gloom kind of hilarious.
  2. Yeah, his play has been really ugly tonight. Nerves maybe? Not sure, but he looks slow and he has proven to be mistake prone. No thank you on punt returning.
  3. Year in, year out, we look like crap during the preseason. I wouldn't be surprised if at the end of preseason we are 0-4. Not sure why anyone worries about it. I do wonder why we keep Matt Schaub around, though. I'd like to see that position upgraded. Can't say I hold much confidence in him leading us to wins if MR2 ever misses a few games.
  4. I suspect it'll be a less than impressive record. 1-3 maybe. We always save our game for the regular season.
  5. Awesome! So excited to watch Takk this year. Already one of my favorite Falcons.
  6. I can't wait to see this defense fly. I really feel like THIS is the season where we take that big leap and really become the dangerous D that us fans have been longing for.
  7. I think sacrifices are going to have to be made in the name of the salary cap monster, but I doubt Grady will be one of them. He's a keeper.
  8. Welcome back, Jedi. While I'm unknown to you, you are very well known to me. Glad to see a long time fan back in the fold so to speak. Looking forward to your thoughts on the team.
  9. Dude I've never seen this, so thank you. OMG it's amazing.
  10. Loved watching this vid. Thank you! Calvin seems like a genuine young man and I'm sure that Julio will be the perfect influence to groom him into a great Falcon.
  11. That was my first thought too
  12. I'm mostly reacting to the 45 dropped passes by the Giants. And they had the nerve to bench Eli??
  13. Thanks for this. I don't pay much attention to the college game so always appreciate these posts that educate us a bit.
  14. Okay cool. I think most of us were worried something had happened. If he needed a day, I have no issues with that. Ice will be ready.
  15. I feel you. My best friend and I ask ourselves this question every week. And inevitably we are always drawn back in...