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  1. Wow. Thank you for looking this up! My mind is blown. Crazy that we can win when that happens.
  2. Matt sucked tonight. But he didn't crumble. Even if Julio doesn't bail us out on that beautiful TD, I still think Matt drives us down the field for the winning score. Thankfully, it wasn't necessary. This might just be my faulty memory talking, but I feel like Matt is a bit of a slow starter at the beginning of seasons. Overthrowing receivers and such. He usually seems to calm down a bit after a few games.
  3. My husband and friends keep telling me I should find another team, and well, that's just not how I work. The Falcons are my team. That's it. However, I'm going to admit that I'm kind of tired of building myself up and have gotten to the point of acceptance. We might have seen the best Matt and Julio can be together. We might never see them get there again. I'm not okay with that, but I don't really have a choice in the matter. I watch the games and I cheer them on, but I've stopped letting it hurt so much when they lose. It's healthier for me and probably where I should have been all along. I play a lot of fantasy football these days to get my excitement level for the game up and I find that pretty rewarding.
  4. I don't really remember anyone being thrilled with the Koetter hire. It just seemed to me that most of us came to terms with it. Also, the oline was awful. So awful. Matt isn't scared to take a hit, but it does appear to get in his head when he knows he will be running for his life. He definitely made some bad decisions, not trying to make excuses, but ****...this was the #1 thing we were supposed to fix.
  5. Wow. I'm thinking that he discovered different priorities. Colts fans are probably imploding, though. We get it and can sympathize.
  6. Well, there goes my "slick" idea of picking of Italian Ice for my fantasy teams before the season starts.
  7. I love that this topic was made cause honestly, that was an amazing kick. The woman in me loved it. But, realistically, I have doubts that this would work. A few questions come to mind. Did she miss any tries before she made that kick? Could she handle the pressure of eleven dudes rushing her? I have doubts. Still, it was an awesome video.
  8. Honestly, I think this might end up being Ryan's best statistical year. My biggest worry is the defense. However, I think they will rise to the occasion too. Perhaps my belief in them is naivety on my part, but I'm pretty excited for this season.
  9. Only if we bring, Da Future, DJ Shockley back too.
  10. Welcome to the family River! Please help convert your mom lol
  11. I don't think Matt Ryan can get better. Where do you go from great? I believe, based on the talent around him, that we can expect a few more seasons of 30+ TDs and a high QB ranking.
  12. #2 Matt Ryan or... #43 Parker Baldwin
  13. I can't disagree with this list. If Free is truly healthy, and if the OL is improved as we suspect, then we should have a very strong run game. A couple of "if's" there, though.
  14. Wow I expected us to be 2 or 3. The whole list is kind of crazy though. NFC North is way too high. Rodger hasn't been his formerly great self in a few years now. Cousins is vastly overrated. He has moments, but not really when they are needed. Stafford is overrated every single season (21 TDs to 11 INT). Why do people love this guy? And Trubisky is average. Maybe he'll get there, but not yet.