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  1. Anyone have an audio link (or video) so that I could hear the end of this game? Thanks
  2. We also don't have a shutdown corner like Revis to take Moss out of the equation. That was huge for the Jets today, all Brady could do was checkdown to Edelman, who doesn't have even close to the skill set of Welker
  3. taunting i love it.. he saw the hole right away too good **** HD
  4. he absolutely should be considered.. theres still alot of season left though
  5. is it safe to say the saints special teams is borderline ********?
  6. I wanna see Norwood break one more off just for some insult to injury
  7. lmaooo what the **** they look like a peewee team with this kicking bs
  8. I think its safe to say he's been the NFL's best defensive player this year
  9. You can pretty much assume that the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins(maybe) are getting to 10 wins. That's 3 teams right there from the East, forcing us to need to win our division. With losses to Tampa and Carolina already, it'll be tough. But Who knows, its week 7. Although I'd love to see it happen, I won't be too bummed if they don't get in considering the general opinion before the season was that if Ryan got better, the season would be successful. I think we've seen some improvement so far.
  10. Going into the season, everyone expected Ryan to be the one to be injured with the Falcons no-name offensive line, but instead its Romo who's inconsistent and injured while Ryan is lighting it up. Also, didn't Favre play with a broken thumb once?
  11. Skip said he "wouldn't be surprised if the Falcons fell down to earth and won only 2 of their last 10 games"
  12. I was watching the game today and was shocked to see people are still showing up at games in their 7 jersey. Now I was Vick's biggest fan, and still admit to supporting the guy (he was actually the reason I became an Atlanta fan), but come on people, lets move on here. Its one thing to wear the jersey, but don't wear it to a game! All the hard work TD & Co. have put into erasing the memories of Vick, and you cant say you aren't satisfied with the results, by wearing the jersey it seems like your ignoring it. Personally, it would be tough to support the new generation of Falcons football while wearing my Michael Vick jersey, but thats just me.
  13. last week NFL.com had us at 10.. scary to think we could be in there top 5 potentially with the Skins, Cowboys and Bucs all losing ahead of us
  14. I know they're basically meaningless, but its cool to see your team get some recognition, especially after a win like this. NFL.com had us at #10 last week, I'm curious to see how high we will be on that one because it still seems surreal to picture us as a top 5 football team coming off that embarrassing season.
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