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  1. This...pretty much sums it up. Nothing will ever be good enough except a title after that BS.
  2. My dear Falcons, Let me start by saying I love you. I hope your day is special and just know that I don’t hold any grudges about what you did to me two years ago, I have moved on. The pain is still there, but I know you’re working through it also. You’ve let me down more times than I can count, but take heart because we have dedicated a lifetime to see this thing through together. Let’s continue to grown our relationship and work toward reaching the ultimate commitment goal, a ring. Love, Your Fans.
  3. Schraeder was one of the best a couple years ago. I say signing a guard is the quickest fix, maybe drafting one if the right guy is there. Give Schraed another shot.
  4. Tavecchio proved Bryant is replaceable. Cost matters. Love you Matt, thank you for everything but you’re an expendable piece.
  5. I give everyone a pass this year for injuries. If I have to pick one of the two to keep though, it’s Tru.
  6. That’s a good question. I don’t personally like the questions they get asked anyway for a OC/DC hire. “What type of offense do you run?” Well, go back and look at the tape. It doesn’t really bode well running off at the mouth and letting the other teams watch a presser and take notes about how to stop you. I’ve always hated those type of interviews. There’s a long way to go until the season starts so it probably won’t even be mentioned until the team gets geared up again.
  7. Heck, why not take a page out of the Pats book for that matter? That seems to be the recipe for success. We have the defense, bend but don’t break. Sign Grady and get another dominant DT and CB maybe and I think we’re good. On offense let Ridley and Sanu run out routes and dunk the ball to Devonte and Smith for 6 or 7 yards a throw.
  8. I want the Pats to win. If they win, 28-3 looks like more of Brady’s magic and not us $hitting the bed. On top of that, I really just want no one to win from the NFC unless it’s us. It’s gut wrenching after our loss. And also I kinda want everyone to hate the Pats more lol.
  9. It makes you wonder. Two big market teams. LA and NE instead of KC? Hmm...maybe it IS rigged, but what can you say? I personally didn’t mind the Pats winning. If they come here and win, it’s cool. I think we ALL can agree that anyone and anything is better than stinky town coming here and winning.
  10. Jake Matthews gotta ghost holding penalty and Devonta Freeman decided to not do his job. The Pats will forever be coin flip OT champions in SB51. First OT in super bowl history and folks forget.
  11. I’ve been here since 08. I was a lurker for a while, didn’t post much. Still kinda am lol. There’s a ton of people that’s been here since the Big Bang existence of the board though.
  12. I’ve never questioned my loyalty to my team. I love the Falcons and always will. When we suck, I root for the Ravens. However I despise Lamar Jackson so I’m not in a good position with them right now either lol.
  13. Quinn runs the show. As the boss he can hire, fire amd re-hire whoever he wants. Time will tell surely but anymore regression over the next couple seasons puts him in the hot seat, IMO.
  14. Remember the no huddle? It’s coming back! I’m pumped. Great person to have back on the coaching staff!
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