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  1. This team deserves not one fan in the stands. Unacceptable. What terrible coaching and terrible play by Matt Ryan. Even a win is disappointing after that.
  2. They’re tuckered our. Matt keeping them on the field. They need to split his pay check 11 ways after this game.
  3. Well, I’ll say that double coverage throw to Calvin should’ve been intercepted. You’d think he’d have said to himself “oh $hit dumb throw..” but then he makes an even worse one. Idk but mvp’s don’t play that bad. Get it together bro. Here’s the chance to put them to bed.
  4. Wtf is he doing? Can we put in Schaub for like 7 plays like they did?
  5. I was talking with my cousin the other day about this. It’s coaching at this point. Have you learned from your mistakes? Put it together, adjust at the half and get the offense going. It’s on Quinn and staff.
  6. Offense needs to step up. What a MASTERFUL half by the defense. Don’t waste such a great performance.
  7. Man, I miss having a good team. It feels like it’s 37-0 already
  8. I swear it seems every year we never begin a drive past the 10.
  9. I actually didn’t feel terrible about the game last week. They started looking a lot better toward the end, probably due to Minnesota knowing they had the game in hand already. That being said the o-line is what makes me chew my finger nails off. They looked absolutely awful. Run protection and pass protection. It was garbage. If that continues, this season is truly a wrap.
  10. The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize it’s just a game. You appreciate it a lot more when you look at it that way. A Falcon loss has no bearing on my life whatsoever when used to I’d be miserable for a week afterward. A lot of that has to do with the SB loss though I must admit. I guess I’ve come to terms with the fact that this team is never going to be a dominant power house like cultures some teams have created. So I guess acceptance. Anyway **** the Saints.
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