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  1. Hopefully he'll see some time this week, I'd like for them to put JA98 on the inside too, he actually didn't do TOO bad against the Niners, maybe we'll get some pressure if they move him to DT and let beer-man play DE.
  2. It makes me mad too, everybody had the niners slated to beat us the only person I heard who picked the Falcons to win was Tony Dungy, another thing that makes me mad is that Miles Austin guy, he got 250 yards and a franchise record for the Cowboys against the CHIEFS defense, and they still barely beat them, what about Roddy White getting 210 yards and a franchise record against the Niners D? They were supposed to be all tough and scary. You don't hear anybody talking about that do you?
  3. We didn't play Orton, we played Cutler, I think if we stop Forte early, Cutler and the Bears could become pass-happy and we can take advantage of their O-line. Marty Booker HAS to be looking forward to this one.
  4. Last year's game was not a blow-out it was a close game, remember give Roddy White the TD he DROPPED in the end zone during that game and we win, our D didn't play well during that game, our D played hard against the Niners, they didn't want them to get any more than 10 points even with a 30 point lead, our team is hungry for 1st place, I personally think it will be a totally different game against the Bears than against the Broncos last year.
  5. this is true, snelling is definitely proven to be a back-up worthy of his playing time, our D did not show up Sunday hopefully that will be a wake up call...
  6. They have to list him on the injury report, have you all not seen this Brett Favre injury fiasco when he played for the Jets?
  7. My thoughts exactly, look at all the pass-happy teams and tell me if they're game plans are working like the Steelers and Eagles, we need to go up there and let Turner and Snelling take care of business, and let Ryan handle it on 3rd downs.
  8. Yeah, something I've come to expect from Pat fans, they think whoever plays for the Patriots are football Gods, hopefully we shut 'em up when we roll into town, I think Matty Ice will be on a high coming home, wanting to prove something to his college stomping grounds.
  9. I could care less whether it's time for them to panic or not, just as long as we come out with the W.
  10. I totally agree, Michael Turner and the D are the keys to this game, he has to keep Brady and their O off the field and burn clock, and every single player and position on the D has to bring it, Grimes would be perfect against Welker, we HAVE to blitz more than we did against Carolina, and get pressure on Brady.
  11. What is up with Tye Hill, where is he at? And what about moving Anderson to the inside and replacing Jerry, I know we have Walker now, but I think now that one of our D lineman are out Biermann should get more playing time
  12. I was born and still live about an hour from the Dome, and I disagree with you, that's the beauty of the NFL your root for YOUR team it doesn't necessarily have to be your home team, just the team you like the best, myself being from GA and loving my state I am a huge fan of the Falcons and cheer as hard as any other die-hard fan but my best friend was born and raised here and he is a Packer fan, so to each his own, that's one of the reasons I love my NFL and Atlanta Falcons so much, and not so much college football.
  13. I'm an avid Falcon and Braves fan, and if you ask me the Patriots, Red Sox, Yankees and any other new england team has so much publicity, it's to the point where you can't even cut on ESPN or any other sports station withouth those teams being the main focus, I'd like to hear about our Falcons for a change, we are a really good team this year and do not get enough credit, can you imagine the Patriots going 1-2? and what that would do for our morale? I think we really have a chance, but we'll really have to pressure Brady, we'll have to blitz more than we did against Carolina and Abraham and An
  14. I'm very excited about this game, this is the only game I have tickets to this season so hopefully we can pull another win out. I expect lots of blitzing by our D. Has anyone looked at the Depth Chart? It says Brent Grimes is starting over Williams. I wonder what happened?
  15. We play the Pats in week 3 at Gillette Stadium hopefully the Falcons are watching! I wanna see the Bills stomp Tom Brady into the gridiron!
  16. I absolutely agree, we can't afford to give Norwood the tag, we could find another speed back in the draft next year or in free agency. He is a home-run threat but he's not an every down back, Turner is a freak in himself, its very rare to find a back so big and yet so agile with his playmaking ability. Our line is much more precious than Norwood, we can afford to let him go if we need to, but the line is the heart of the offense. I would hate to see him go I love Norwood, but I'd rather have Turner.
  17. All the preseason power ranking sights have the Falcons slated either 7 or 8, the eagles are no. 3...personally I don't understand why they are chosen to be so good every year, sure they made the NFC championship last year, but look at them now, did they not lose brian westbrook? and they dont have any receivers yet again besides that UF boy they drafted and he's a rookie.
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