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  1. Arthur Smith didn’t learn any lessons from the last coaching staff? Conservative play calling with over 2 minutes does not work
  2. Ryan had time. RB swing wide and there was no defender around. Ryan still showing he has tunnel vision.
  3. Safety read the play, he was just too late. McLaurin is stupid fast. He almost broke it up.
  4. Your punishment for this post is not banishment. It’s continued fan-ship with the rest of us.
  5. I think we all know what they are at this point, lol. Granted, none of the starters have played but what we have seen is that we have absolutely no depth whatsoever. I hope Arthur Smith sticks around a while because he and this coaching staff look really good, but we’re talking full rebuild mode at this point. I don’t care what they’ve said in pressers. We have to reconstruct the whole thing.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted yet, and if it has I apologize. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. First of all, I wanna brag. Yesterday was my birthday and my cousin got me a football signed by Debo. Don’t know where he met him, but definitely an awesome gift! That being said, it made me think…are we going to able to mingle, meet, and get autographs this year? I saw where they’re holding a practice at Mercedes-Benz but due to Covid protocol, there’s no autograph opportunities. Makes me wonder about training camp. Just haven’t seen any info about it anywhere, and I know it’s two weeks away.
  7. Kyle, if you read this, please be like Tony Gonzalez. And never, ever sign with the Saints. They suck.
  8. Hashtag Team Lance. I’m actually team Sewell, but I don’t think it’ll happen.
  9. Bro there’s a month before the draft. You rarely see moves like Niners did until the week of the draft. I can assure you we aren’t moving anywhere but back, and that looks like the obvious move after them openly talking with SF about it.
  10. Yes! I LOVE this signing!!! He deserved a shot as a lead back after the year he had last year. I hope we shore up this offensive line in the draft because Davis could be Michael Turner 2.0! I really believe it! He’s a little older but he proved he’s got some in the tank!
  11. This is why Matt is a franchise guy. No need to give up on him yet. He ain’t the problem. Let’s get him some help now!
  12. I don’t need to watch that to see it from the Falcons perspective. Pretty sure I know exactly how they feel, lol.
  13. Don’t forget the stupid throws Mahomes almost made. He didn’t lose that game.
  14. So I like Smith. He’s a great coach and certainly deserves some of not most of the credit for what Derrick Henry is, and what Tannehill did this year. My question is Matt Ryan is on the tail end of his career and even if he plays at a high level for the next three years, there is going to be a decline at some point. That said, we have the number four pick and are in prime position to get a qb that will most certainly take his place as a franchise guy. Why would we pass that up? I say this because everything I’m reading is Smith all but seals the deal that there won’t be a qb drafted now.
  15. I think I speak for all our fan base when I say...”Are you sure you want this job?” Lol. Welcome aboard! Good luck, and I hope you work a miracle the other Arthur, and last Smith couldn’t provide!
  16. I just think he’s a generational talent. He’s another Deshaun Watson and if we don’t draft him it’s going to be h e double hockey sticks listening to how good he is with whatever team he goes to, knowing we could’ve had him. I hope they at least entertain drafting him. I like Sewell as well and he would most definitely be Jake Matthew’s replacement for the next 10 years. If there’s ever been an immediate plug and play guy it would be him. Both of those guys take so much pressure off other o linemen and the running game would be amazing picks.
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