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  1. Were gonna miss him and he’s gonna shine being back with Shanahan in San Fran. That being said, I’m sure his production can be made up with all the WR’s we have, but it’s hard to find any running back that can catch and run like he can. Everyone always raves about what Kamara does for the Taints, but Coleman was just as good for us.
  2. This whole post....
  3. Dude is a freak haha
  4. I think this is a magnificent take bro. TD has whiffed on O-linemen numerous times and this time doesn’t wanna make the same mistake again. I’m perfectly happy with the picks and the signings. We’ve got plenty of help to throw at the wall and see what sticks as far as mixing and matching protection for Matt now!
  5. They got two dudes that are potential starters on the o-line for Matt Ryan for years to come. If they pan out there will be no more, “We NeEd sOMe O LiNEmeN, Td!” talk that y’all spew when our QB is getting drilled with no time to release the ball. Build through the draft and groom young players. Idk what the problem is. The big names everyone wanted were off the board. If they would have went CB first, this place would have lost their minds worse than they are for the guard pick. LB isn’t the most pressing priority, and we locked up Grady for this coming year and went DT last year by picking Senat. What other route would y’all have wished for them to go? Be happy we have some choices on the O-Line now, our offense is back!
  6. Falcons still have more wins. Super Bowl is tainted just like your team Who cares about NFCS championships It says a lot that you’d rather be here with people that hate your team instead of the fan base that actually supports them. F*** the Aints.
  7. And I’m fine with that also. Ridley, Julio, Sanu and Hardy returning so there is plenty to go around. Free and Ito both can still catch the ball out of the backfield as Teco did though. Teco I think was just mainly used for that purpose.
  8. I think we all knew Teco was gone when Ito got drafted. Same type of player and with a decent o-line, I don’t think we’ll have a huge drop off with Teco’s production being gone. Especially if Freeman becomes the bell cow like he’s supposed to.
  9. Hey...I like chicken livers.
  10. If we sign him this draft is going to be very interesting. I wonder if they go bpa or have a specific plan in place for certain guys they like. I think Quinn has proven to be a competent coach and trust their judgement. This offseason has certainly became more exciting than I thought it would be!
  11. Why don’t you look st it from a different perspective? Matt Ryan fixed his deal so we could go out and get o line help. We’re a couple years removed from Ryan Schraeder being one of the top tackles in the league. I think our coaching staff knows what to look for. I think they’re both good signings.
  12. This...pretty much sums it up. Nothing will ever be good enough except a title after that BS.
  13. I’m about De’Vondre Campbell’s size. 6’4”, 230.
  14. Sark was way worse with his little short throws and toss plays.
  15. My dear Falcons, Let me start by saying I love you. I hope your day is special and just know that I don’t hold any grudges about what you did to me two years ago, I have moved on. The pain is still there, but I know you’re working through it also. You’ve let me down more times than I can count, but take heart because we have dedicated a lifetime to see this thing through together. Let’s continue to grown our relationship and work toward reaching the ultimate commitment goal, a ring. Love, Your Fans.
  16. Schraeder was one of the best a couple years ago. I say signing a guard is the quickest fix, maybe drafting one if the right guy is there. Give Schraed another shot.
  17. Tavecchio proved Bryant is replaceable. Cost matters. Love you Matt, thank you for everything but you’re an expendable piece.
  18. I give everyone a pass this year for injuries. If I have to pick one of the two to keep though, it’s Tru.
  19. That’s a good question. I don’t personally like the questions they get asked anyway for a OC/DC hire. “What type of offense do you run?” Well, go back and look at the tape. It doesn’t really bode well running off at the mouth and letting the other teams watch a presser and take notes about how to stop you. I’ve always hated those type of interviews. There’s a long way to go until the season starts so it probably won’t even be mentioned until the team gets geared up again.
  20. Replace him with a lineman this is actually good.
  21. Heck, why not take a page out of the Pats book for that matter? That seems to be the recipe for success. We have the defense, bend but don’t break. Sign Grady and get another dominant DT and CB maybe and I think we’re good. On offense let Ridley and Sanu run out routes and dunk the ball to Devonte and Smith for 6 or 7 yards a throw.
  22. I want the Pats to win. If they win, 28-3 looks like more of Brady’s magic and not us $hitting the bed. On top of that, I really just want no one to win from the NFC unless it’s us. It’s gut wrenching after our loss. And also I kinda want everyone to hate the Pats more lol.