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  1. I honestly can’t take the hate for this pick. It’s ridiculous and kind of unbelievable. Even the draft grades surprise me. Was it a little early? Yes. But at the same time that was our pick and I guarantee he wouldn’t be there in the second round. Sometimes there’s no sense in trading back when your guy is there. He’s a proven college corner, one of the standouts. He’s from this area, and fills a gaping hole in the secondary with Tru gone. Not to mention we have a great track record with developing cornerbacks. What’s not to like?

  2. 3 hours ago, KRUNKuno said:

    The update is still taking some time for my eyes to get used to, but so far so good...except for one tiny thing...

    The heart to like a post.  Let’s be real...hearts are more appropriate for love.

    I just want to like a post and give it a good old fashioned thumbs up.  Not be committed to it and buy it roses on a Tuesday just because.


    You sir, get a heart.

  3. On 3/11/2020 at 10:32 AM, high impact said:

    It is easy to talk all warm and fuzzy now. No games showing that what is being talked about is working or not. I am sick of the past years where they look like poop for way to many games then play well when teams have thrown in the towel. Gives everyone false hope for the next year. No more empty lip flapping make it work or get the heck out of this town. 

    Well at least we have the second half of last season to show they really did improve.

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