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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Bevell is not a terrible option? I mean, dude went to the super bowl with an offense that had no dynamic receivers and a bad o-line. I get he didn’t run the ball or whatever but almighty Shanahan’s offense couldn’t score in the second half of the super bowl, Bevell’s did. So...what am I missing?
  2. I think it’s awesomd that Quinn expressed he wants to sign a game management coach. Admit your faults and ask for help. That’s what someone good at their craft does. Someone who learns and wants to get better. Dan Quinn is definitely a good coach and deserves his job.
  3. They just fired our DC and Vic Beasley is a household name. At least here anyway. There’s no way he’s not sticking around after being the sack leader two years ago. The excuse could be bad coaching. My guess is the firing of Manuel means most guys are sticking around for this coming season.
  4. My boy was pleased with his Ridley jersey to match mine!
  5. It’s a joke more and more every year.
  6. Is it really though? I mean is it crazy to think Ryan is not one of the best qbs of this era? How is he not?
  7. So sick of the Ryan hate. Y’all watch too much ESPN and NFL network. The dude is one of the best qb’s of all time and the best falcon qb of all time, surely. The guys o-line sucks, his offensive coordinator sucks, starting running back and guards are out AND the defense on the other side of the ball sucks and is decimated too. Look back at his career, the loss in the super bowl wasn’t his fault, the conference championship loss wasn’t his fault and the mf has an mvp award. So explain to me why he doesn't deserve the money he has? He does deserve it. If nothing else, remember that he turned Harry Douglas into a 1,000 yard receiver for goodness sake!
  8. Agreed. However, I’d like to add they’ve lost every leader in the team except Matt Ryan and Julio. Defense has no indentity anymore after losing the heavy hitters and what little bit of juice they had left, went out the window this week. I’m not extremely disappointed given the injuries they’ve had to face, but you’d think they wouldn’t look as lost as they have.
  9. They’ll have the money because they ain’t resigning Beasley.
  10. Jesus H., these threads have gotta stop. Don’t y’all know the o-like sucks? Y’all realize we have our two guards out for the year and started a back up tackle today? And Freeman is out? Take a chill pill. No way we’re gonna be competitive with these injuries! Deal with it! It’s not our year. As long as the Taints don’t win I’m good. We’ll come back next year ready.
  11. Who you want then?
  12. Now that United brought the cup home, I can’t help but think of how happy I was for him. Seeing him tear up holding the cup and so happy for his team and this city. Do you think he makes changes to this Falcons team? The staff? Does he have alot of say so in what goes on? It’s all things I wonder. The way we’re playing lately, I think about what goes on in his mind. What could have been if it weren’t for injuries at a Super Bowl in his stadium with his team in it. If there’s one bright spot in this franchise, I think it’s Arthur and his desperation to bring Championships to this city. At least the work has paid off for one of his investments.
  13. The defense can’t close the deal? They can’t get off the field!
  14. Football is not and will not ever be the same after that. Not to mention UGA doing the same exact thing, twice. It’s enough to truly drive a man to sports-insanity.
  15. My cousin will be at the game so I kinda hope we win because he’s a pack fan lol.
  16. How about the offense sucks and the defense was gassed. Lamar Jackson ran up and down the field with people chasing him all day. They held them in check until they couldn’t anymore and were tired. The offense couldn’t score to keep it close.
  17. I shouldn’t even respond to this because of how dumb it is, or even read it. I just wanna tell you that it’s stupid though.
  18. Have you met our owner? He’d never ever ever ever touch him with a ten foot pole
  19. I’d take it, and sell the $hit out of it like Falcons fans do their tickets.
  20. I’ll take the latter but a top 10 pick would be nice too.
  21. as frustrating as this season has been, he deserves a reboot for another year. Two guards, starting rb, fs, ss and lb all out for the year and you’re expected to still be competitive? It’s sucks, but you can only do so much with that kinda chaos on the roster. I wouldn’t fire any coach with this shell of a team being all they have left to work with.
  22. Well, at least they haven’t put 50 up on us. That was what I was worried about!