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  1. And the refs again....
  2. And again a ghost foul.
  3. These call are f'ing ridiculous man.
  4. They had some calls on their side and had some lucky baskets for sure. The Hawks do look like the better team right now, we'll see now in Washington how they respond on the road.
  5. At least Teague knows when to give the ball up. Good job
  6. This looks like the January Hawks. Almost there boys, hold on!!!
  7. Beauty!!
  8. You know that's gotta feel SO good to Antic. Huge shot!
  9. Bull $hit a$$ calls
  10. He's shot better than Korver on his three balls. They just need to let Carroll take all the shots lol
  11. Wtf is this $hit. They forget how to play defense and pass the ball in the second half. D*mn you Atlanta for giving us such heartbreakers for teams.
  12. Oh my mouth is watering right now. Lol
  13. This is definitely a move I don't agree with. He could have been Someone to actually compete for a position of anyone ever gave him a chance.
  14. I agree, I think Antic is the biggest weakness to the squad. Personally, I think if everyone has a good game shooting the ball like last night, the only weakness is Antic.
  15. I'm so pumped and nervous for tonight. I'ts like a playoff game! If we win tonight, get ready for some media attention! Whoo!
  16. Should we sign him?