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  1. This whole post....
  2. Dude is a freak haha
  3. I think this is a magnificent take bro. TD has whiffed on O-linemen numerous times and this time doesn’t wanna make the same mistake again. I’m perfectly happy with the picks and the signings. We’ve got plenty of help to throw at the wall and see what sticks as far as mixing and matching protection for Matt now!
  4. They got two dudes that are potential starters on the o-line for Matt Ryan for years to come. If they pan out there will be no more, “We NeEd sOMe O LiNEmeN, Td!” talk that y’all spew when our QB is getting drilled with no time to release the ball. Build through the draft and groom young players. Idk what the problem is. The big names everyone wanted were off the board. If they would have went CB first, this place would have lost their minds worse than they are for the guard pick. LB isn’t the most pressing priority, and we locked up Grady for this coming year and went DT last year by picking Senat. What other route would y’all have wished for them to go? Be happy we have some choices on the O-Line now, our offense is back!
  5. Falcons still have more wins. Super Bowl is tainted just like your team Who cares about NFCS championships It says a lot that you’d rather be here with people that hate your team instead of the fan base that actually supports them. F*** the Aints.
  6. Quinn runs the show. As the boss he can hire, fire amd re-hire whoever he wants. Time will tell surely but anymore regression over the next couple seasons puts him in the hot seat, IMO.
  7. Bro, I was not ready to read this. I’ll be praying for you and your family. STAY STRONG. Use those words and LIVE by them. Please stay in touch with all of us if you can.
  8. Man, I'm saying this bc I'm pissed off but f*ck our teams. We can't win Sh!t. Atlanta will always be second best. That's good enough for for most I guess. This is f*cking bull $hit, I hate LeBron james and these refs
  9. Jesus why don't the announcers s*ck lebrons d!ck?
  10. Bs Cavs touched it
  11. Well Scott lost the game
  12. Nobody's movinng around in the paint. Bs
  13. I'd have rather given it to Scott or Carroll, wtf
  14. Lol at the refs smh
  15. We lost to the wizards game 1. It ain't over yet. It sucks but I'm not giving up on em til the end.
  16. Put Scott in over Schroeder, he's cold tonight
  17. Put Elton brand in, anybody over that mouth breather antic
  18. Are you serious? EC finals and you're tying your shoe? Gtfoh
  19. Take dumb@ss Schroeder out
  20. Finally. Cleveland wants us to match their game and shoot jump shots to answer theirs. Let's make them catch up with our fast paced drives!
  21. Quit with these lil cute @ss shots!
  22. Jesus! What the f Korver. A 90 foot jumper
  23. God da*nit these fuc*ing refs!!!
  24. Can't send em home when they can play street ball