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  1. I’m going to bed. **** this ****
  2. How does this ****** $hit happen? Seriously. f***
  3. Hmm...highest paid receiver?
  4. Man, I miss having a good team. It feels like it’s 37-0 already
  5. I swear it seems every year we never begin a drive past the 10.
  6. I actually didn’t feel terrible about the game last week. They started looking a lot better toward the end, probably due to Minnesota knowing they had the game in hand already. That being said the o-line is what makes me chew my finger nails off. They looked absolutely awful. Run protection and pass protection. It was garbage. If that continues, this season is truly a wrap.
  7. The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize it’s just a game. You appreciate it a lot more when you look at it that way. A Falcon loss has no bearing on my life whatsoever when used to I’d be miserable for a week afterward. A lot of that has to do with the SB loss though I must admit. I guess I’ve come to terms with the fact that this team is never going to be a dominant power house like cultures some teams have created. So I guess acceptance. Anyway **** the Saints.
  8. Defense looked eerily familiar
  9. Let’s go JJ, show up!
  10. Isn’t it funny how they can’t move the ball when the refs don’t help them out?
  11. Have we ever blocked a punt?
  12. Really hope Quinn is on the hot seat this year. Sark and Koetter are horrible hires and this offensive line is garbage
  13. Well I guess the good news is we know it’s possible to come back from a 28-3 deficit.
  14. “Falcons will lose by three scores”
  15. Geez can we get a break? Please!??????!!!?
  16. I’m happy about that. Ryan and Julio are the only ones that shouldn’t play. Maybe Mack but everyone else get your @sses out there!
  17. Soo....what you’re saying is we all need to draft Julio 1st overall for fantasy?
  18. @Monoxide
  19. Fast, Physical and now nasty? No wonder our defense was decimated last year! Quinn is pushing them too hard! /purple
  20. Yeah, I would have never taken this that way or thought that much about it. I think it’s just someone dumb writing something that popped into their head. That being said, screw New Orleans because they suck in all sports and no one likes them. So yes, I agree with that much.
  21. Were gonna miss him and he’s gonna shine being back with Shanahan in San Fran. That being said, I’m sure his production can be made up with all the WR’s we have, but it’s hard to find any running back that can catch and run like he can. Everyone always raves about what Kamara does for the Taints, but Coleman was just as good for us.
  22. This whole post....
  23. Dude is a freak haha