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  1. O Line dealing with injuries and two very, very good defenses. Ito is a PERFECT replacement for Coleman, and that’s exactly what this team needs. Lightning and thunder and they make a great duo. Freeman gets a pass from me this week. Mainly because of Ito’s play and because of injuries. I’m kind of curious if he’s actually 100% healthy.
  2. I actually don’t think he was bad tonight. That was a heck of a game.
  3. This is one crazy win, but I just want to say rest well brothers. At LEAST we got the dub. Matt Ryan owes his pay check to the defense.
  4. After all that we win by a half yard!
  5. Takk and Beasley hear our cry!
  6. This team deserves not one fan in the stands. Unacceptable. What terrible coaching and terrible play by Matt Ryan. Even a win is disappointing after that.
  7. They go for it on fourth, if we make it that far.
  8. They’re tuckered our. Matt keeping them on the field. They need to split his pay check 11 ways after this game.
  9. Do we have any coaches running the offense tonight?
  10. Well, I’ll say that double coverage throw to Calvin should’ve been intercepted. You’d think he’d have said to himself “oh $hit dumb throw..” but then he makes an even worse one. Idk but mvp’s don’t play that bad. Get it together bro. Here’s the chance to put them to bed.
  11. He’s got the Eagles D in his fantasy league
  12. Wtf is he doing? Can we put in Schaub for like 7 plays like they did?
  13. Thank you. Now someone say to them to watch Kelce hold Beasley