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  1. It means our backfield sucks for fantasy.
  2. Everybody so sensitive lol. We gotta have thick skin because everytime you talk football with someone other than a fellow Atl fan you're gonna hear 28-3.
  3. Ryan, Brees, Winston and Cam. That order. Pretty much same as everyone lol.
  4. Id never heard of Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, or DeVondre Campbell when they were drafted last year. Now Neal and Jones are household names and Campbell is a starter. I trust Quinn, the only pick that makes me scratch my head is the running back.
  5. Gotta be better than Worrilow
  6. OJ Howard or Dalvin Cook. We could use Howard too, I don't think he's out of the realm of possibility.
  7. You can't place blame solely on Shanahan because it was a team effort. I will say this though, for the ultimate corporate pro QB in Matt Ryan to come out and make it a point to say he couldn't audible speaks to me and I do place more blame on Shanahan for that alone, more than anyone else.
  8. And when you really look at it, we're all over it now and I can't think of anything that could be worse than a loss that heartbreaking, so we know we can handle it.
  9. It's gonna be the thing we're known for from now on. Don't expect to trash someone else's team without it coming up for rebuttal. If we win one the monkey will be off our back but until that day, this is our new bugaboo.
  10. Why he being dumb and not post here anymore? HBD anyway
  11. NFL wouldn't be dumb enough to keep the same team names if that happened. It would be hilarious though. And for the op's question, no I wouldn't support them. I know because I loved the Thrashers and it broke my heart when they left. I have not a single, minuscule droplet of care in my body for the NHL anymore.
  12. Sherm the worm for the bag of trash in Dimitroff's office right now, straight up.
  13. Here's my take on Poe, if he wants to get paid to be what appears to be an average three down lineman why not keep Grady and draft another one to go alongside him? He's good enough to be our number 1 guy and personally I think he has more the earned the opportunity to do so. Poe hasn't shown me anything except he can throw a TD from the 1 yard line on a fake play.
  14. Brady Ewing and Mike Cox.
  15. Yes! Hahahahaha