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  1. Hope we can come back to this thread in a few months...
  2. I honestly can’t take the hate for this pick. It’s ridiculous and kind of unbelievable. Even the draft grades surprise me. Was it a little early? Yes. But at the same time that was our pick and I guarantee he wouldn’t be there in the second round. Sometimes there’s no sense in trading back when your guy is there. He’s a proven college corner, one of the standouts. He’s from this area, and fills a gaping hole in the secondary with Tru gone. Not to mention we have a great track record with developing cornerbacks. What’s not to like?
  3. I love them and hope they’re here to stay forever. I love the black uniforms!
  4. I can’t believe the hate! I think they look awesome!!! The only thing I hate is the ATL. I wish it was the falcon logo
  5. I wanna see the black ones. I like the away uniforms but the red fading into the black looks like those fake Walmart jerseys they sell.
  6. Denard over everyone! and I’d LOVE to see Adrian come back for another season.
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