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  1. Lol we’re fans, the contracts are for the management to figure out. I can tell you Grady is one of the best DT’s in only his second year. I’d say he’s here to stay
  2. Yeah you’re right. This was one of those weird games where we were winning, but the offense for 40 minutes was off the field leaving the defense out there to get gassed, but it wasn’t their fault. The Seahawks pulled closer with that trick kick off play, which honestly was performed to perfection and caught everyone in the world off guard. I don’t have many complaints other than the defense giving up a td so quickly when it was the most important drive of the game there at the end, and Sark continuously calling the same exact toss run play that wasn’t gaining any yards.
  3. The offense scoring 34 points is a huge improvement. Especially without Freeman. If the defense would have showed up on the last stand it wouldn’t have even been close.
  4. In all fairness remember that the offense wasnt on the field for about 40 minutes...
  5. Give them a chance first lol.
  6. How isn’t he not suddenly kicking it out of the end zone? Is Sarkisian calling st’s now too?
  7. Ok so Weems sucked, Roberts sucks and special teams forgets how to play suddenly? Seems like a common denominator named Keith Armstrong
  8. Why tf can our receivers not hold onto the ball. I swear man! This $hit is ridiculous!
  9. Ryan is gonna be 224 yds with 1 td. Coleman-94 yds rushing with 2 tds. Julio-123 yds with a td. Bryant 3 field goals
  10. If you’d had told me at the beginning of the season the saints would be on an 8-0 run I would’ve laughed in your face.
  11. Truthfully if they would get out of their own way we’d only have one loss, and that would be to New England because they looked like complete chit that game. Hopefully we’ve turned a corner.
  12. I thought this was an article