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  1. Jake Matthews gotta ghost holding penalty and Devonta Freeman decided to not do his job. The Pats will forever be coin flip OT champions in SB51. First OT in super bowl history and folks forget.
  2. You’re a rare breed of Saint my friend, lol.
  3. I’ve been here since 08. I was a lurker for a while, didn’t post much. Still kinda am lol. There’s a ton of people that’s been here since the Big Bang existence of the board though.
  4. I’ve never questioned my loyalty to my team. I love the Falcons and always will. When we suck, I root for the Ravens. However I despise Lamar Jackson so I’m not in a good position with them right now either lol.
  5. I know I’m certainly rooting for the Rams.
  6. This ^
  7. Quinn runs the show. As the boss he can hire, fire amd re-hire whoever he wants. Time will tell surely but anymore regression over the next couple seasons puts him in the hot seat, IMO.
  8. Remember the no huddle? It’s coming back! I’m pumped. Great person to have back on the coaching staff!
  9. Yes, please do! You’re more knowledgeable about that stuff than most and it seems to me that Bevell SHOULD have already been hired somewhere. Two Super Bowls? He definitely has a great resume.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks Bevell is not a terrible option? I mean, dude went to the super bowl with an offense that had no dynamic receivers and a bad o-line. I get he didn’t run the ball or whatever but almighty Shanahan’s offense couldn’t score in the second half of the super bowl, Bevell’s did. So...what am I missing?
  11. I don’t think Quinn is a bad coach. He’s had a super bowl appearance and we’re a year removed from an nfc championship appearance. This year was riddled with injuries and is the main cause of their record. He’s turned the team into a playoff contender and was the reason that Shanahan was even brought here in the first place.
  12. I think it’s awesomd that Quinn expressed he wants to sign a game management coach. Admit your faults and ask for help. That’s what someone good at their craft does. Someone who learns and wants to get better. Dan Quinn is definitely a good coach and deserves his job.
  13. They just fired our DC and Vic Beasley is a household name. At least here anyway. There’s no way he’s not sticking around after being the sack leader two years ago. The excuse could be bad coaching. My guess is the firing of Manuel means most guys are sticking around for this coming season.
  14. My boy was pleased with his Ridley jersey to match mine!