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  1. I went to the Carolina game and in the festivities of the day didn't get to really watch it the way I wanted too...I am re-watching the 2nd half on game rewind and when we have Quizz on the field we are so much more productive. Why do we continue to stick with 33? PS 2 point conversion call was a hose job
  2. I'm Pumped 137 Row 1A right on the Falcons tunnel!
  3. yeah they no longer carry it...it is the hardest falcons thing I have ever tried to find
  4. Does anyone know where to find the sweatshirt spoon is wearing in the whats brewin' segment. I have looked everywhere and cannot find it. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/media-lounge/videos/McDonalds-Whats-Brewin-Sean-Weatherspoon/f13df0f5-ee4f-4a95-8ccf-c3f462a2302b
  5. bc he can't cover a soul...dude is garbage
  6. if its not broadcasted in my normal cable its not on?
  7. Will places that have sunday ticket show preseason games as well?
  8. I got to agree with you bro, if your going to spend your hard earned money to endourse a product you feel strongely enought to do so for, than that is you investing in that product. IF in years past that product had been at a certain level, why would you be willing to take a step back, whether it be the play on the field, the beer selection, or the ticket. I keep all my game tickets have had season tickets for a while and I have appricated the last few years when they have been nice.
  9. do you remember at the dome when they were close to scoring with under 2:00 to go it was like 41-0 and the places errupted like they were going in for a game winning score when we stuffed em.....man that was great, ahh the memories
  10. before you drafted cam newton and before andrew luck decided he would rather do just about anything than join the panthers, im sure you were saying "man i hope we get cam newton, that guy is smart"
  11. hahah if i win the lotto thats going up on a billboard right near the stadium
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