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    Sunday afternoons are a highlight of my week. The Falcons bring me pure bliss.

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  1. haha i also saw this on reddit and that same question popped in my head, glad our team is reppin the world of reddit!
  2. Good post. Thanks for the bright news! It'll be here before we know it I suppose.
  3. Great post chief. You are spot on. Glad to call you a fellow Falcon fan.
  4. great post man I agree with all your points. Falcons lack a killer instinct I'd say
  5. Bump for: Arthur, Rich, Thomas, Mike, Dirk, Mike, Keith, Jonas, Gerald, Mark, Joe, Paul, Jeff, Ray, Pat, Tim, Glenn, Terry, Chris, Eric, Glenn, Andrew, Matt, Michael, Roddy, Julio, Tony, Harry, Jacquizz, Sam, Justin, Todd, Peter, Tyson, Mike, Kroy, Johnathan, Peria, John, Sean, Akeem, Stephen, Dunta, Asante, William, Thomas, Mike, Chris, Vance, Lawrence, every Falcons fan in the universe, etc., etc., etc.,
  6. This is just perfect. Peters is just standing there in shock soaking it all in. Thanks for posting this bud.
  7. Oh man that was a really close game. Tomorrow should be similar. I'm very excited.
  8. http://the506.com/nflmaps/2011/wk7.html Guys a lot of folks will be watching us this Sunday. Chance to get some respect.
  9. Well said good sir. I am keeping my pants on and encourage others to do the same. 4-3 goin into the bye is very doable.
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