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  1. SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on d Roddy on offense
  2. I for one, am sick of the inconsistencies. We have the talent to be a dominating force, but yet we haven't showed it. I love the Falcons never will I jump ship. I speak for most fans when I say that its time to take off the gloves and stop holding punches and lets win a ******* ring.
  3. Until this current drive, I was questioning the play calling by MM. This is falcon ball we have to play FALCON BALL. Even though, we only got a FG that is how we should play the reminder of the game as well as the season.
  4. I also wanted Willis over Anderson, Dorsey over Ryan, Matthews over Jerry. I am glad we got Ryan disappointed about the others though. Lol, come to think of it I wanted Brandon Graham over Spoon, guess I had some winners and losers.
  5. Spoon is playing out of his mind right now. Besides Ware n Matthews he is the best OLB in the NFC in my opinion.I am curious as to why he isn't getting recongized.
  6. Decoud is one of the better safeties in the league against the run. He just SUCKS in pass coverage. I believe he is a better suited to be a SS.
  7. He and Carl Nicks are both free agents at the end of the season. I figure Nicks asking will be to much so Grubbs is just as good if not better.
  8. its a team game correct? from our coaches to the depth players we are a team
  9. i am a legit fan, if any one thinks that we can survive games likes this against a contender ur the joke. we lack the killer instinct. if its the depth then our coaches should see this and make the neccesary moves to
  10. I only want him to play st. he is a horrible corner
  11. love spoon and the dance. wish everyone on the team could play with his passion
  12. i agree. and its not just one aspect its all, that needs to maintain that killer instinct. we have could really have a top ten offense as well as defense.
  13. how do u allow them to score on 4th and 13?
  14. unbelievable 4th and 13 and they score
  15. What is it going to take to get rid of this joke?
  16. I have seen the threads about whether Jenks would give insight into our offense but what about Bill? He knows Ryan better than anyone, I am sure he and Frazier have sat down and discuss what he knows about our offense and our tendencies. This game does scare me.
  17. Wtf Roddy another dumbass penalty.
  18. This should be his last yr in a falcon uniform. Will we able to replace him via free agency next yr or the draft?
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