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  1. If Lowery n Southward don't work out at FS I believe we have a great FS prospect on our roster already. Ladies n gents I introduce Robert McClain. He has good speed, range, and is a solid tackler. What are y'all thoughts?
  2. It would be absolutely genius for TD to bring un Hill. He could learn from guys that are already in our locker room. Look what Dallas did with Dez or what Cincy did with Pac Man. Sometimes all these guys need is a change of scenery.
  3. Osi has to teach the younger guys to be productive, professional, n proficient. So his spot us secured. The only guys un question are udfas.
  4. who cares where McClain is at. Alford should start n Trufant play the slot.
  5. i would love this but i doubt it happens
  6. Its a lot of truth to your quote but I truly believe that Jackson is still an elite rb
  7. Kerry Rhodes at FS and Jaried Gaither at tackle. I know Gaither has had his issues in the past but he is a better tackle than we have at the moment. Rhodes was the 4th best safety in the league last year but no one has shown any interest in him. We should sign him at least to push DeCoud. What are y'all thoughts?
  8. I agree a 100 percent. Alford is our most aggressive corner, Samuel is the ball hawk, and Trufant is the technician. McClain has given up the most big plays. He and DeCoud both deserve to be bench.
  9. Monroe was traded for two mid round picks. TD really missed on this one Monroe at LT n Baker at RT would have helped our oline tremendously
  10. McClain has been our worst corner this year giving up big play after big play. I do believe that he would excel at free safety though. We need our best DBs on the field and that's Samuel, Trufant, Alford, McClain, and Moore.
  11. Milner is the best cb in this draft but I dont know if I want us to trade up for him.
  12. A lot of you post " In TD I trust" well trust him. Clabo is gone and its for a good reason.
  13. Asante was a great pick up. I hope we add Osi to the mix soon.
  14. Excellent only flaw that I see is no RB is drafted. I think we still draft a RB for the future
  15. Being a gator fan I like all our players. To me Ball is the best available back in the draft, however is unlikely we get him. Gill would be my fourth choice behind Lacy, Franklin, and Bell.
  16. I wouldn't mind if we got Bell, Lacy, or Franklin. All three are pro style runners that fit our scheme perfectly. However, Ball is my dream back for us.
  17. I love this but I would change Steven Jackson to Bradshaw and add Osi or Bennett
  18. Trade Turner n Babs to the Colts for their 3rd, 4th, and 7th round picks. Draft Thompson at #55, take a Rb in the 3rd either Gray, Polk, Pead, or Miller. I would prefer Gray.Draft TE Ladarius Green .Draft OLB Lewis from OK. And with the rest of the picks I would then address thw O-line.
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