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  1. Real curious to see what they gave up for him
  2. Philly is manhandling us at the point of attack. We have to be more physical in all phases.
  3. Allen is already shining. Our secondary as a whole has to shine.
  4. I believe we have what it takes to beat the Rams. 24-20 we win
  5. Defense has been playing lights out the past 4 weeks. Defense will be **** on earth next year with an added piece or two.
  6. The defense will be the key to us moving on in the postseason
  7. Two questionable calls ruin our momentum. That fake targeting call and the hold that wasn’t a hold. It was a three n out had they not called targeting and a first down had the make believe hold not occurred. Refs have to be held accountable
  8. Allen didn’t target nor lead with the helmet. Refs missed calls change games. Why can’t they be held accountable for their **** ups?
  9. Very talented roster. Young, hungry, aggressive, and fast.
  10. Did he change his number at some point? In the video I see a number 8 and 5 running the ball.
  11. Baker or McKinley would be ideal. Realistically, Walker or Robinson.
  12. Upshaw. Doubted Quinn on this position change but as the season progressed I agreed with it. Given another year in the system I believe he'll be a solid rotational player for years.
  13. Had my doubts when he was drafted but he has made me a believer.
  14. I believe a team will pay Worrilow in the offseason. He is a stopgap starter but some team will pay the man.
  15. I love Roddy more than any other falcon player ever. He lost a step but I agree that he should have been more involved. Good luck Roddy
  16. can't deny the talent of Coleman but to think that he'll bypass Freeman is ludicrous.
  17. Roddy and Willy Mo are still two of my favorite players but neither will resign with us or anyone else.
  18. my favorite pick by the falcons since Julio Jones.
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