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  1. 1. Jamal Anderson- I disagreed with him from the start. He has had one decent game in 2 years. 2.Micheal Vick- Should I say more 3.Eric Weems- I know he was just filling in because of injury 4.Todd Weiner- He is old and takes up too much cap room 5.Antwan Harris- If Eric Coleman gets hurt are we really going to trust this guy to come in and play. To everyone that feels like we should cut Boley and Brooking you all are crazy. Boley led the team in tackles a year ago and Brooking has played his heart out for us for 11 years, never has he taken a play off. This offseason I would love to see us get a dominant DT, successor to Milloy at SS, and another pass rusher at DE.
  2. Bear fans stop crying. Matt Ryan just grow up on one of the best defenses of all time.
  3. Yea I agree Norwood needs more touches but Turner is "DA BEAST" only backs in the league that can compare to his physical running style is Adrian Peterson and Marion Barber
  4. i agree Brent Grimes is the real liability. Chris Houston needs to be more physical. I like Chevis Jackson also. Until we get a legit shutdown corner we are just going to have to deal with this. Lito Sheppard is available, but what we give up for him?
  5. Yea he got benched and he needs to stay there. He is a nickel corner. I was also disappointed in Foxworth. Chevis Jackson should start. I love our safeties , just concerned bout who is going to replace D. Hall.
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