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  1. Falcons vs Saints is but an up and coming rivalry is the Falcons vs Eagles
  2. Saints are the favorite but I believe Falcons surprise everyone and win the division.
  3. Many will disagree with this but honestly it’s our best chance in my opinion. Draft Queen with the 16th pick Diggs in the second round trade back into the second round for Elliott and after that it doesn’t matter to me. We’ll have 3 immediate impact players at positions of need. I believe Neal will come back as the enforcer and Raheem Morris will have the defense playing great.
  4. Only corner that I would draft outside of Okudah is Diggs. I hope TD is really looking at this kid cause his tape is very impressive.
  5. We stopped running that awful 3-4 look and went back to 4-3. I’ve said since day one that defensive scheme wasn’t for us. Hopefully, we can continue our growth on defense. It started in the second half of the Seahawks game and carried on against the aints. Rise up
  6. Honestly we have to take in consideration that we have a scheme change. I don’t believe we have the right personnel for the scheme that we are running. We need to go back to a traditional 4-3 defense in my opinion.
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