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  1. Honestly we have to take in consideration that we have a scheme change. I don’t believe we have the right personnel for the scheme that we are running. We need to go back to a traditional 4-3 defense in my opinion.
  2. Horrible
  3. This is what happens when you don’t play preseason games. There is no chemistry no trust. Minnesota is going to embarrass us today
  4. Love his passion and athleticism. Rooting for the young man
  5. Why not pick Taylor? He could immediately come in and play.
  6. We need to address corner n lb more than any other positions
  7. We just over did the oline. Greedy Williams was who I thought we traded back in for. Hopefully we draft Hardman n I will feel a lil bit better
  8. I understand the logic but I'm not a fan of either pick
  9. I want us to get Taylor but I believe Wilkins is the pick
  10. Sark is going to be the OC but I would like McCarthy
  11. I swear when i read the thread this was going to be my reply
  12. 38-17 Falcons Pizza and wings
  13. The defense will dominate tonight. Tak will have 2 sacks Vic gets 1 and Jarrrett 1. Tru will get a pick n Kazee will. We win 31 to 10.