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  1. After the initial shock... I'm very happy with our draft. This alongside some very shrewd fa moves (with limited cap) I do think are heading into next season with a strong roster. Although we've addressed several needs I still think we're light at linebacker and corner and defensive end. What do you guys think? There's still several experienced fa's on the market who could help solidify these units. Zack Brown, ziggy ansah, Kayvon Webster... Do you see us pursuing one of these guys?
  2. I'm not concerned where he sits amongst the above guys... I'd just be pleased if he's an above average starter for the next 10 years. If him and McGary can anchor the right side of our o-line we only really need to revisit the LG and C positions in the coming years. LT, RG and RT should be set for 4-5 years minimum
  3. The dust is starting to settle with our moves last night. I was equally as shocked as the rest you with our picks... but after sitting and reflecting I am delighted we've invested heavily in protecting Matt Ryan. Hopefully over the next few years the picks made last night prove why they were worth the investment We're going to have to sit through rounds 2 & 3 today, but we still have plenty of opportunity to add solid depth on day 3 with our 7 picks. The way we've drafted in recent years i feel positive that we will find at least a couple of solid role players to go alongside our new guard and tackle drafted last night.
  4. The only way we get back into the late 1st is trading our #45 and #79 which would get us pick 29/30 at best.
  5. If Arizona don't pick him... they are trading out of 1. It would make no sense to not pick him with teams interested in acquiring him. No1 has so much value they need to maximise it to its full potential. As a falcons fan you want the teams ahead to pick as much offensive talent as possible so we have a chance of some of the premium defensive players left at 14
  6. They're not top tier FA so their markets haven't really opened up. They will want to see whats out there before deciding if coming back to Atlanta is right for them.