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  1. I'm not concerned where he sits amongst the above guys... I'd just be pleased if he's an above average starter for the next 10 years. If him and McGary can anchor the right side of our o-line we only really need to revisit the LG and C positions in the coming years. LT, RG and RT should be set for 4-5 years minimum
  2. After the initial shock... I'm very happy with our draft. This alongside some very shrewd fa moves (with limited cap) I do think are heading into next season with a strong roster. Although we've addressed several needs I still think we're light at linebacker and corner and defensive end. What do you guys think? There's still several experienced fa's on the market who could help solidify these units. Zack Brown, ziggy ansah, Kayvon Webster... Do you see us pursuing one of these guys?
  3. The dust is starting to settle with our moves last night. I was equally as shocked as the rest you with our picks... but after sitting and reflecting I am delighted we've invested heavily in protecting Matt Ryan. Hopefully over the next few years the picks made last night prove why they were worth the investment We're going to have to sit through rounds 2 & 3 today, but we still have plenty of opportunity to add solid depth on day 3 with our 7 picks. The way we've drafted in recent years i feel positive that we will find at least a couple of solid role players to go alongside our new guard and tackle drafted last night.
  4. The only way we get back into the late 1st is trading our #45 and #79 which would get us pick 29/30 at best.
  5. If Arizona don't pick him... they are trading out of 1. It would make no sense to not pick him with teams interested in acquiring him. No1 has so much value they need to maximise it to its full potential. As a falcons fan you want the teams ahead to pick as much offensive talent as possible so we have a chance of some of the premium defensive players left at 14
  6. I'd be surprised if its even that. 3/4mm for the season
  7. I like it a lot but I think Bunting will be gone well before the 5th. We'd be lucky if he's available in the 3rd now
  8. Vic has been the main topic the last few weeks... and of course after the news that we intend to keep him on the $12.8mil 5th year option this board has gone into meltdown mode. Given the Cap situation, could this just be a smokescreen from the front office? This time of year teams play their cards very close to their chests... Could we be waiting to see how the FA market sets itself before making a move and deciding upon his future? The likelihood is I am miles off the mark... but even on a 5th year option Vic still retains some trade value albeit a late round selection for a team hungry for a situational pass rusher. Or quite simply we can cut ties with him when FA hits. There are several pass rushers hitting FA who could be acquired at a cheaper rate whilst also offering similar production. I will be flamed for this suggestion... but Dante Fowler Jr looks set to hit the market (and although having past injury concerns) is a player who has worked with Dan Quinn and offers similar pass rushing ability at a likely much cheaper price. Fowler remains only 24 years old and was a player we coveted the same year we drafted Beasley but was selected at #3 by Jacksonville. It would be stupid of the FO to cut ties with Beasley before knowing what will become available in FA. Why create an additional hole without having a strategy or a plan to fill it. I believe this is the main reason why Schraeder still remains on the books as they decide what options we have as a replacment swing tackle. I suspect I am completely wrong, but the FO WILL have to make a move at some point as we head to FA, lets see what they do.
  9. Free agency is a different beast... average players get big deals. If Grady is valued at 15mm/year + Pierce will argue he’s in a similar category
  10. It’s all plausible... I think your mock has some good ideas in helping improve the trenches. I think some of the financials are a bit off but solid effort. It’s rare to see teams sign players from tender unless they are elite players. Pierce is nice but I just don’t see it + another big contract that keeping our 2nd rounder and drafting would not be. This extra cash frees up money for a starting calibre o lineman Im praying for Oliver and would like Spain as a fa pickup. Our team improves massively with these 2 moves alone. It’s going to be an interesting off season.
  11. I don’t understand tagging Grady, signing Pierce and then drafting Oliver. If we were to sign Pierce (monetary value too low) we wouldn’t go for Oliver as well as we have several pressing needs. Giving up a 2nd alongside this is highly unlikely and scary. if we got Pierce I could see us going after Jonah Williams in the 1st. I prefer the idea of drafting Oliver in the first and signing a fa lineman like Spain. We then still have our 2nd and 3rd to upgrade at corner/ o-line or defensive end.
  12. Similar kind of players who love a big hit. I would take Keanu though. If he learns to Ball hawk instead of going constantly for the big hit he will become a top safety. Still has plenty of time to develop. Only 23!
  13. Different game, different context to start with. The Pats failed to stop us until we dismantled as a result of poor execution and play calling. Benching Butler prior to our game would not have altered any of that. It pains me greatly that we choked in that game but I think we need to get over the what might have beens and move on now
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