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  1. Nice pics...how did moore and owens look out there?
  2. Can anyone give me an update of how Moore is doing at camp? I'm hearing that he was getting burned by TE's, but ive also heard Moore has been really sharp against the pass and is showing his athletisism. So i'm kinda confused. Also, if anyone has seen Jamaal Anderson i's like to get an update un how he has been at camp aswell. Thanks.
  3. Wow did not expect this thread to get so huge lol, i was just asking a question and don't wish to argue.
  4. If anyone on the team needs to hit the weight room on the team it's Jamall. Anybody know?
  5. Yea, thats the reason i looked into him in the first place because it seems that our FO likes to draft players from the senior bowl.
  6. Thats what Mike Vrable was and he turned out ok. Also, I think Barwin could develop into a dominant pass rushing DE he just needs some time in an NFL weightroom and some coaching from Ray hamilton(also that John Abraham guy). He was no slouch against the run either with the Bearcats. Remember he's only played DE for one year and he's already very good, this guys upside is tremendous and is definately a team player and a natural team leader which is what Tom D. and Mike Smith want in their players.
  7. Saw some video on him and I was really impressed. The guy can play TE, DE, or OLB and he has tremendous upside as he has only played DE for one year. The falcons did talk with him at the senior bowl so that might mean that we are interested in getting him. Some of you may be thinking this guy is a carbon copy of Jamall Anderson. Trust me this guy is WAY quicker off the snap, plays PHYSICAL! and he actually looks like he's played football before. Not to mention he's a very athletic TE. There is SO much potential for this guy as a DE and redzone TE in the NFL. Also Walterfootball.com has him going in the second round and i would definately not be disappointed if we snatched him there if he has a good combine. Barwin as a DE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u79CJdrxZbo Barwin as a TE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-z4ZP4ruwjQ
  8. Does anyone know if he's leaning towards entering the draft or if he's stayin at USF? If anyones got any news that would be great.
  9. Remember what heppened when you said ryan cost us the game before it was over jedi?? wait till the games over before you complain about ryan
  10. I beleive he was quoted saying somthing along the lines of remaning a coordinator, ban't remember exactly what he said though.
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