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  1. i would love to be happy for him, but defenses have just decided he's the best of the krap batch so they send their pressure schemes other directions. 😉
  2. all seriousness if our OL continued to play at the level it has been of late, our season will be better.
  3. hurtz really doesn't have an impressive arm like some on this board would have you believe.
  4. best part of this game, many receivers caught the ball in wide open space with real estate to work with. Time will tell if that is because smith's scheme, or Jets where just that bad. If its the first, the future is bright.
  5. I was very critical last week when Ryan missed a TD trying to avoid a hit, this week he played better regardless of the numbers.
  6. That's up to the offensive coordinator and what the offense allows, rolling plays have to be a major part of the play book. Can't run the same 3 over an over. They also limit the part of the field you have to work with, which is how good defenses always shut that **** down when the gold is on the line. That is a band aid at best, you got to protect your QB.
  7. LOL Ryan was pounded harder than a prostitute charging a dollar in vegas. He did about as good as you could ask, our offensive line was the issue on offense yesterday and it is not questionable by a sane person.
  8. He has always been a west coast QB in skillset. The real question is will our receivers and offensive line adjust. Some of our WR's have never been able to run a route without stopping and catching ball, when the ball would OBVIOUSLY hit them in stride for TD's instead of being caught and being tackled. Most of that's coming from college type offenses, gone are the days of run and shoot and west coast timing patterns. Smith seems to heavily focus on those, happy to see it come back.
  9. Let me know when y’all get a pic of his wife in a Falcon swim suite until then, bugger off with this nonsense.
  10. Sports with my kids. Video games with my kids. Barbecuing with the family. Twitter and trolling wokewankers.
  11. If he is traded, better be for some draft picks or a some pieces on the defensive side of the ball. Our offense is going to be a juggernaut this season, and doesn't actually need JJ who I like btw to do it. People about to be shocked how well Pitts has going to fit AS's system. Including JJ, which I actually think has a lot more to do with it then being said out loud.
  12. People forget how bad *** Terrance Mathis was here.
  13. He gets it. Lbs got to play deep, traps and lineman pulling going to have plenty time to get thier assignments.
  14. Brady's trigger was still pretty **** good last year. going to stick with Brady.
  15. our strongest teams have always had our most effective full backs. Seem to always lose them the very next year.
  16. How many 1st round draft picks during the TD years that where defensive panned out?
  17. if Fields bombs (Which I hope he doesn't btw), the revisionist hurdles will be legendary.
  18. Completely and respectfully disagree. This class has a whole has played not only less games than any group of QB's on average before going pro, but they have all so played in the least substantial ones. Most that is do too Covid, and not the players faults or the programs. Many come from teams that are so **** over talented, you just don't know who are what these players are. Its not their fault, that's just the world now. The play off system itself has changed college ball forever. So we have least film on each QB's in tough tight situations against scalable competition, less evaluations as NFL scouts comparing notes. On top of that more hype than ever for new shocking talent because the NFL's rating are in decline for the first time in 40 years. So yeah, now its much harder to know than ever know what this class will do. That said I do agree with Mac Jones, dude even went to Josh McDaniel's and its not like he hasn't had success with QB's. Yeah, they all could set the world on fire but I stand by what I said. I would not be excited as an NFL GM picking a QB from this years group. Too many questions for me. So I don't know, but there is no way I am betting my house that we just had a class better than the 1983 QB draft class. Can they be amazing sure, but none of them stood out to me like Joe Borrow did the year before.
  19. The QB draft was meh, unless something changes highly overrated. Most these guys wont be starting in 3 years, btw that's also when Ryan will be heading out the door. This wasn't the draft to escalate his departure. And we got a TE who will be dominate to strong for 6-10 years. Yeah, QB wasn't realistic. I do wish we would of grab Mills though lol as a 3rd rounder. Something about that Kids pocket awareness I really liked, not sure what it was.
  20. Good portion of our defensive issues is offensive not able to control TIme of Possession.
  21. Pittman was always the pick. Dude be one of the top 3 TE in the league for the next 10 years. More than likely might have a hall a fame career. People take QB's early cause they have too, or think they do based on it being the most required position. We are not there yet. When Ryan becomes the issue, don't worry we will ether trade up for a QB or we wont have too. This QB class is a bit overrated anyway.
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