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  1. this article has to be sarcasm its basically was defending Ryan, lol.
  2. How many rushing attempts did the Buccaneers have in the second half, ypc, and time of possession. Brasdy needed to throw how many times compared to a run to keep the chiefs on the sideline? Now compare that ever big game Ryan has taken heat for losing. We have been needing to power run and run down the **** clock since Turner aged out. Don't care who your QB, there is very few examples of championship teams who can't run the **** ball when it matters.
  3. How many screens to the Running back up the gut did KC call, to combat the pressure? Instead they relied on Mahomes running around like a chicken with his cut off and throwing the ball up.
  4. Refusing to check down and going deep most plays was 90% the offenses issues last night. Forcing them into 3rd and long situations. Also why there where know 3rd down completion until late in the game if any.
  5. Patrick going to be hurting today. from the beating he took last night and the rump kissing Tony Romo gave him all game had to make his rear raw. Also that wasn't a pee spot on Tony Romo, that was a Patrick man crush spot.
  6. you take an OL, and draft Ryan's future replacement in the 2nd.
  7. Mahomes missed several check downs that would of resulted in shorter downs on 3rd down running around. Anyone wanted scrambling QB, is asking for a lot of heart break.
  8. Fans and media are after the next Mahomes, but lots of people athletically play at his level in college. I have only seen two play at that level versus NFL talent. I imagine the people getting paid for a living to win are looking at him a lot more closely.
  9. My guess is Kyle Trask will have the most impactful NFL career imho. That said, I do look forward to seeing how well he handles the pressure of not playing behind a an above average talent offensive line.
  10. I am not one of this anti Ryan nut bags. Simply put I think Wilson is the number 1 pick for many years if he's there you take him. I don't think he will be though.
  11. Its amazing how we always have great season when we actually have effective FB's. Yet we never prioritize a great FB.
  12. Was 50/50 on what TDWII thoughts on drafting a QB are. After all want an impartial and objective observer he is. I actually hope some of you are right. you got know idea what a krap shoot drafting QB is some of you deserve to find out.
  13. People saying we taking a QB at 4 are just spreading fake news. We will take one in the later rounds eventually be developed.
  14. He's got to go. A bunch of people on the internet told me he has too, so it must be true.
  15. If the first thing you see is everyone skin color, they are not the racist. You are.
  16. He meets the requirement of the racists running the NFL. Sadily, I really don't have an answer here. I am however tired of hiring Defensive Minded coaches who can't put a decent defense on the field, so really would like to go for a score big or go home type coach.
  17. Twitter is destroying this country. Its a mob echo chamber like nothing we have seen in a century.
  18. They don't, this is the definition of racist until the woksters change the definition officially to what they want it to be and this will hurt minority coaches in the long run.
  19. guy has about 20 minutes in the pocket. Only a fool would think they know if he is any good or not after this weekends performance.
  20. I remember a similar situation with an older successful coach coming in named Dan reeves. We could do worse
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