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  1. If the first thing you see is everyone skin color, they are not the racist. You are.
  2. He meets the requirement of the racists running the NFL. Sadily, I really don't have an answer here. I am however tired of hiring Defensive Minded coaches who can't put a decent defense on the field, so really would like to go for a score big or go home type coach.
  3. Twitter is destroying this country. Its a mob echo chamber like nothing we have seen in a century.
  4. They don't, this is the definition of racist until the woksters change the definition officially to what they want it to be and this will hurt minority coaches in the long run.
  5. guy has about 20 minutes in the pocket. Only a fool would think they know if he is any good or not after this weekends performance.
  6. I remember a similar situation with an older successful coach coming in named Dan reeves. We could do worse
  7. At some point in some of these games. You must play defense when it matters...…. You guys love to blame the **** offense no matter what player or coach you throw under the bus week to week. Really looking forward to the Never Ryaners good write ups on how its Matt's fault too. Let’s go TDW, I know you can find a way to spin it Inquiring minds want to know now Ryan could have done it better and it’s his fault too.
  8. Nothing sells tickets like trading off all your best players during the middle of a pandemic and a lack luster season. The only better idea was putting Kathleen Kennedy in charge of Star Wars. Next someone will recommend putting R. Kelly as a baby sitter.
  9. I actually wonder how Morris has escaped much of the blame for the collapses myself. I just wanted to imply that there some signs of good that shouldn't just be ignored until its had a chance to rot or come to ripe. Blank has tried something, about a season too late in my opinion but that is here nor there.
  10. Please take what I will type here with a pinch of salt. While our record has been abysmal, there was some promising things to keep in mind. That doesn't mean they will come to fruition. Despite peoples best impressions around here no one here really knows much. We aren't there for the team meetings. We aren't there in the huddles. We are nothing more than fans of honestly one of the most heart breaking organization of all of sports. You can cherry pick what ever stats you want it doesn't change that cold hard fact. All this is fine too, these discussions are wonderful its what makes
  11. bah, i know for a fact you can turn it off in the settings. then turn it back on after its over
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