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  1. What if the coach identifies as a Native American because of his 2% DNA?
  2. I agree to a point here. Sometimes other positions can hold others back. I have always felt lots of B level Wide Receivers bounce around a bit do to the limitations at the QB they play with, especially some of the camp body QBs'. This also can effect linebackers who find themselves behind weaker lines. just my thoughts.
  3. World be better if that was true, not sure if this has been true since the mid 90's
  4. I think kneeling is pretty much ********. but thats my two cents, I don't pay any of the bills.
  5. you know its been hijacked by swift when the thread turns into Ryan vs Dalton Thread. Hows the Cotton Candy yogurt at Orange Leaf in Atlanta?
  6. so if Spoon goes to the Cardinals and tears it up, It will be TD's fault. If spoon goes to the Cardinals and gets injured as usual I bet it is because Quinn's a genius.
  7. then how do you know he is guilty for a fact?
  8. SO if the Quinn and Dimi marriage turns out to be incredible you going to give Dimi the credit or Quinn? from that statement it should go to Dimi, but my guess is you will give it to Quinn,